Traitors in our Midst .


Are there any campaign promises that President Obama hasn’t already broken ? Cigarette tax effects the poor and middle class the most . So,those earning less than 250,000 a year that smoke just got wacked good . If the Cap and Trade Agreement passes the Senate we’ll see the biggest tax increase ever ! Every other promise Obama made has been broken . He is a smooth talking forked tongue devil( Our Messiah said that the devil is the father of all lies ( LIARS ) ) . He loves us all so much he wants to give us all FREE  health care ! Free ?!?! It well cost us all at least another TWO  TRILLION  DOLLARS . What country in their right mind will loan us the money ? Buy our bonds ? Good old China will of course ! Since Hillary paid them a visit with documents granting Beijing Eminent Domain in America to keep them happily loaning Obama the money so he can continue his love fest with us all .

When the USA files bankruptcy again like they did in the 30’s we’ll all be done with that burden won’t we ? Do the research and guess again . US citizens made good on the USA Corporation’s  debt back in the 30’s . Who’d we owe anyways ? How can private citizens be responsible for a corporations debt even after filing bankruptcy ? Ask whoever dwells at 25 Water St in NYC in the TOWER OF POWER . You could  ask your attorney , but they’re not allowed to tell you who the receiver of that bankruptcy is .

TRILLIONS of dollars owed to Beijing and you will be responsible for that burden . JOHN DOE 123-45-6789 , his wife , his kids , and his grandchildren well endure paying off this massive debt . When China takes over your lands and homes through Eminent Domain they must pay you just compensation . If you don’t like their idea of just , where you going to appeal it ? Beijing ?

If things get out of hand and civil unrest ensues , China well send its Peoples Liberation Army over here to protect their interest . They’ll have trillions of reasons why and LEGAL EMINENT DOMAIN in the USA  ! Your apathy is to blame . We The People will have no one to point a finger at but ourselves .

Remember that China has publically stated that they hate us ! What America will endure will be worse than when we were slaves in Egypyt . Its to late to start fighting now , you all should have paid more attention to my warnings way back in the 80’s , when you all had a chance to turn things around .

I am glad I am not of this earth cause our Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) freed me of this kingdom . He said, ” This is NOT  My  kingdom , if it were legions of angels would come and you could not take Me ! ” This is NOT  His kingdom !!!!!!! Remember that the devil would have given our Messiah all the kingdoms and their glory to Him if He would but bow down to him !!!!!!! This world is the devils only kingdom and yet you still blame our heavenly FATHER , and Creator for what goes on in the devils only kingdom . The earth was yours ( For our Father gave dominion of the earth and all that swims in the oceans,creeps on the ground , and flies in the air to mankind ) till you all bowed down to the devil and gave it to him !!!!!!! Ever wonder where the phrase Original Sin came from ? It wasn’t Adam and Eve , but, us  ( 1/3 of the angels ) that turned our backs on our Creator in heaven ! Some of you will return to heaven from which we have all fallen , but , you better start running to the mountains ( A holy place in your lives ) quickly !!!!!!!

Oh heavenly Father , Yehoshua , Holy ONE of ISREAL , start Your latter day rain upon the earth so that our mother’s children can learn to love You and fear Your judgements !!!!!!! Mothers and dads please pick the only true Messiah out of the over 1001 different versions out there . There is only ONE way back to heaven and it is through Yehoshua ( Joshua ) our Messiah that died for you and me . When you find Him introduce and teach Him to your children . Teach them His laws , commandments , precepts , ordinances , and judgements . Teach them to keep the Sabbaths holy . To keep the New moons and feast days as recorded in your bibles and written in your most inward place yeah even in your hearts and minds .Teach them that Luke should never have been granted Gospel authority as he never seen or heard our Messiah speak . That Luke and Paul are LIARS ( 1 John 2 : 4 ) . That Yehoshua meant what He said in Matthew 5 : 17 – 22 . I did NOT come to do away with the laws … Not the smallest word ( Jot )or the smallest stroke of a letter ( Tittle ) of the law shall  pass away until the heaven and the earth pass away and ALL is fullfilled !!!!!!!! How many times did our Messiah say , ” The heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away ? ” The words our Messiah gave to Abraham in Genesis 26 : 5 , Moses , and many others !!!!!!!

Don’t let no one deceive you , get the truth directly from your FATHER ! Put on sackcloth and wail for Him to forgive you and to start teaching you . Even as a fig tree turns green we know that summer is approaching , so shall we know the end is near , even at the door ! Don’t think that in your last breath on the cross that you can convince our Father to let you back into heaven !!!!!!!

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One Response to “Traitors in our Midst .”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    I told you all6 months to a year before they passed Obamanation,I mean Obamacare that in spite of the protest,town hall meetings,and the tea party . Oh and the pools , that those tricky bastards would pass Obamacare anyways.I told you all to get some vaseline cause it was gonna hurt when they shoved healthcare up your butts anyways . Evil bastards on the Hill .

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