June 2008 I prophesied the SWINE FLU outbreak !!!!!!!


Click on archieves for June 2008 and see for yourself. It was the only post I asked my wife to think about . I told her the last outbreak of SWINE FLU  in 1917  killed millions. She clicked , publish entry ! You should all spend a little time researching my entries , you’d be shocked and awed !!!!!!!  Look at my post for Tropical Storm Faye where I pleaded with our Father to bind the heavens over Palm Bay ! Melbourne got 30 inches from Faye,what’d Palm Bay get ? A little over 7 inches and right next to Melbourne .West Melbourne got over 23 inches !!! Did I not write a blog that day and ask our Father to send it to Tallahassee where it would sit and spin just to their south all day ! Did Faye sit and spin just to their South all day that next day ? You bet ya !!!!!! Did I warn Iowa City,Johnson County , and Iowa in December 2007 (18th ? ) about plagues to visit them ? My tags started with weather and ended with prophecy. Sioux City tornadoe that killed a bunch of boyscouts,f5 tornadoe to destroy Parkersburg,and the 500 year floods of 2008 !!!!!! So much more !!!!!!!

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