Your Anger isn’t REAL !!!!!!!


Nancy and her gang in D.C.  say your concerns for you and your families futures isn’t real !!!!!!! That these well dressed individuals voicing their concerns at the town hall meetings is all manufactured . Its some communist plot ! Those damn republicans at it again!!! Don’t let Nancy and her gang deceive you !!! There are plenty of Democrats at those meetings voicing the same concerns as their Republican neighbors ! Once again they are trying to manipulate you all , dividing and conquering . This is not about Democrats Vs Republicans ! This is not conservatives Vs liberals ! This is all about professional bureacrats and their agenda Vs Joe Blow Americans . The rich BASTARDS  are manipulating the stock market to make it look like their New Messiah Obama can do no wrong. That everything he touches turns to GOLD !!!!!!! This economy has not turned around !!!!!! The housing market has not bottomed out !!!!!!!

They well use these distractions to push through their Food SAFETY Bills granting Monsanto and other huge corporations CONTROL OF OUR FOOD SUPPLY and pushing private farmers out of business !!!!!!!

Your elected ASSHOLES are working for BIG BUSINESS not you all . Big business can’t vote but it can sure make their campaign funds grow ! You will all become serfs with no rights working for some BIG  CORPORATION !!!!!!! It well become increasingly difficult for small businesses to stay open with all the new laws protecting the BIG CORPORATIONS .

UNITE and walk arm in arm or lose your way of life and freedoms . Unite or die !

To those of you doing the will of our heavenly FATHER redouble your efforts to turn the hearts of our children to their parents and their Creator !!!!!!!  Fight the GOOD  FIGHT  and prepare for the kingdom to come !!!!!!! This world is the devils only kingdom and well remain so to the bitter end !!!!!!! Yehoshua , show us all how much you love and care for US  !!!!!!!  STRIKE  Washington D.C.  with Your rod !!!!!!!  Pour down Your latter day rain on us all , yeah YOUR Holy Spirit !!!!!!!

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