Let Them Eat Cake !!!!!!!


Oh Nancy , what have you done ? Alienated true blue Americans ? Insulted their intelligence ? Showed em that you don’t represent the people ? That Congress doesn’t give a shit about the common person and their concerns ? Love it or leave it ? How about staying and helping change it ?

Whosesane Obama ,  I want you to know that I love you and pray for you , but your still my enemy .

DC , now that ya own banks,auto-makers,insurance companies,and Enron lookalikes , COOK  THEM  BOOKS  GOOD ! This week you can convince us all that we are in explosive growth and we all need to sign up for a REAL ground floor opportunity , ya right place right time . ENLIST us all in your downline to sell bonds to China !!!!!!! Give us all 5 % and set us loose !!!!!!! Obama and Nancy back us , they say we’ll all be earning 21 figure incomes !!!!!!! All ya have to do to get paid is buy a trillion dollars worth of  US  bonds a month ! Not to worry though cause they’re all backed by US Taxpayers alive and yet to be born !

China you don’t believe in our heavenly Father , yet you keep buying our bonds backed by dollars that say in God we trust . Our dollars are backed by God not gold ! Go figure .

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