What do we call our Messiah ?


I know some of you maybe confused by the names I call our heavenly Father and Messiah . For many years I used all the names recorded in the bible like you . Then the word Jesus started bothering me cause of the way Europeans pronounce it ; Spanish: hey Zeus , Hungarians : yeah Zeus , Germans : say Zeus !!!!!!! So I did some research and was troubled by what I saw . The Greeks took  the Hebrew Yehoshua and preverted it into the Greek Jesus . They should have left it Yehoshua ( Look in Websters dictionary ) . One of the 10 commandments is against worshipping idols and false dieties . In fact our Father said not even to let the names of these false dieties come out of your mouth ! In the 16th century the English language picked up the ” J ” sound in the alphabet and Yehoshua became Joshua . Websters first meaning for Joshua is  1. help of Jehovah ; see Jesus . So if you use Joshua it would be most fitting cause no one before HIM was named JOSHUA . Joshua became a name with the introduction of that ” J ” sound in the 1600’s Websters should have the first 3 meanings for oue Messiah . I have seen websites where they take the name jesus to some very dark places , like the numbers in GREEK add up to 666 and other warnings about that GREEK name . What ? Europeans can’t say JOSHUA  ? Of course they can !

The name god comes from ” Gawd ” the Roman deity Jupiter . Lord is the name of Baal . Do the research and don’t be lazy , cause this is very important . Its about how we keep the GREATEST  COMMANDMENT  of loving Yehoshua with all our hearts , bodies, mind , and soul !!!!!!!  Yehoshua said that we will be judged by every IDLE  word ! Showing how we love HIM is how well we keep HIS  words just like our obediant children keep their parents . He also said to DO  HIS  WILL  not just talk about it . We are doing His will when we keep ALL  HIS  WORDS , laws,commandments,precepts,ordinaces , and judgements that were made flesh and lived among us to testify that His words are true ( The Passover Lamb has arrived  ) ! The words He spoke to Adam and Eve . The words he spoke to Noah which included the clean and unclean animals ( The dietary laws ) . What do you suppose Noah preached to the people that came to see a great ship being built on a mountain ? Joshua’s laws and commandments ! Genesis 26 : 1-5 Joshua is SPEAKING to Isaac about blessing him and preforming the oath that He swore to Abraham , his dad . then verse 5  BECAUSE  ABRAHAM  OBEYED  MY  VOICE and kept My charge , MY  COMMANDMENTS , My statutes , and MY  LAWS . Joshua’s laws and commandments were in force from Adam to Noah and to Abraham long before Joshua gave them to Moses !

So when I said earlier that I was bothered, the more I researched the more troubled I became . They purposely placed stumbling stones everywhere you tried to walk with Joshua ! God , Lord , Jesus , and I’m highly suspect of Christ or Cristos from Latin . It was hard learning not to use what I did all my life .

Their are THREE  different endings to the Gospel of Mark , the short , long , and Freer Logion . Unicorn and unicorns was added to the old testament by the Irish scribes under King James in place of wild oxen and raging bulls and well only be found in the King James Version and not in any other version . When they revised the King James version they put back wild oxen and raging bulls !

They gave Gospel authority to a man that never seen Joshua or heard him speak , Luke ! Who contradicts the true disciples accounts ! The TWO major ones , the thieves crucified with Joshua and the filling of the Holy Spirit ! Acts 2 :2 FORKED tongues of flame or John 20 : 20-22 and Joshua breathed on them ( Genesis 2 : 7 ) …

Lukes sequel Acts introduces his boss and patient Saul or Paul ( aPaulSaul ) and in Acts 15 : 23-29 contradicts our Messiah’s own words in Matthew 5 : 17-22  I  DID  NOT  COME  TO  DO  AWAY  WITH  THE  LAWS  OR  COMMANDMENTS … not one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the laws until the heaven and earth pass away and ALL  is fullfilled …

From that point on Paul takes over and admits he is preaching a different Gospel than the TRUE  DISCIPLES !!! One built on sand and not on the ROCK ( Laws , commandments , and testimony of Joshua ;  Rev 14 :12 and 12 : 17 !

Daniel 7 : 25 warns of Luke and Paul speaking great , pompous , blasphemies against Joshua !!!  Rome and the Honorable or most excellent Theophilus  sent Luke and Paul; they persecuted the saints of the Most High and then they seeked to change time ( Julian Calendar ) and the laws ( through Luke and Paul ;Acts 15 :23-29 Just keep these 4 things and it will be well with you ( 1 John 2 :4  says different )) !!!!!!! Paul who says we are NOT under the laws or commandments but grace !!!!!!!

Should we believe Joshua or Paul ? Our Messiah or a man ? Our true disciples or a man that brags thoughout his ministry about murdering the faithful and stealing their homes and possesions ?

Be careful how you walk cause their are stumbling stones strategically placed everywhere !  Joshua warned us in Matthew 13 : 24 – 30 …is like a man that sowed good seed ( Joshua’s true words )in his field , but while men slept , his enemy ( Luke , Paul , and Rome )came and sowed tares ( Lies ) among the wheat…Didn’t you sow good seed in your field ? How then does it have tares ( Lies of Luke and Paul ) ? … an enemy has done this… do you want us to pull up the tares ?  No , lest you uproot the good wheat also …Let them grow side by side until the harvest… at the time of harvest ( End days  or tribulation)  I will say to the reapers ( Workmen of Joshua ) first gather the tares and bundle them up to be burned ( Those that keep the lies sown in the new testament  and burn in hell forever and ever ) ! , but gather the wheat into my barn ( Those that keep the truth and have nothing to do with a lie  and go to heaven ) .

So Joshua warns us of the lies and the truth remaining side by side in the new testament , just as Daniel did ! But only until the harvest time . The harvest is getting ripe and the Great Tribulation will make it most apparent as to who practices lies and who practices the TRUTH  !!!!!!! Joshua will shake the earth so hard the fence sitters will have to fall one way or the other !!!!!!! He also left the tares to make it easier to judge us all . Who is lazy and slothful and doesn’t search out the truth ? Who is hungry for the WORD  THAT  WAS  MADE  FLESH  and thirsty for the BLOOD  OF  THE  NEW  COVENANT ; all those that keep the laws and commandments of our heavenly Father and the testimony of Joshua ; Rev 14 :12 . They are ONE and the same person and the Father and the Son sit on the SAME throne Rev 3 : 21. Dig , scratch , search , and work overtime to get where you need to be with our Creator and Master . Don’t tire and keep pressing . Knock and it will be answered . Ask and you shall receive . Joshua wants us to know . He wants us set FREE of this worlds lies and deceptions ! Confusion , worry , deception , and fear is the devils tools and power ! Get behind me satan and stop blocking my way to Joshua !!!!!!!  Take a hike you pathetic asshole ! The only power the devil has over you is what you grant him ! Use your Free Will wisely it is your power ! Chose to serve Joshua with all you got today !

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