I AM SORRY for getting caught up in all the insanity out there !


We have all taken free handouts from our government . Thought that we were entitled to our way of life . We all got used to having it all ! We sat back as OUR government paid for health care to those with no insurance when they visited the emergency rooms . When they gave us medicare and medicaid to those who couldn’t afford coverage by no other means . We sat on our hands as our politicians took money out of Social Security for decades and replaced the money with IOU ‘s . It was in the news papers and on TV news . We all got so used to our way of life and allowing so many to live on the DOLE that we never considered that some day the bills would become due .

Social Security may become insolvent this year or next due to all those IOU ‘s . What will happen to all those on Social Security ?  Retirement , disability , medicare and medicaid under Social Security will NOT get paid unless we borrow more money from the Chinese ! Will they loan us more ?

Where was everyone when you seen the news about YOUR politicians borrowing from your futures ? Writting all those IOU ‘s ? Now when this nation is facing a crisis you all get off your couches and start yelling unfair !!!!!!!

OK something isn’t right !!!!!!! So , give us viable solutions ! Certainly something has to be done . Should we burden OUR children and Grandchildren so we can continue to enjoy our excesses and insanity ?

Why did you all wait until a crisis is upon us before you all yelled FOUL  ?!?!?!? You should have been involved with your communities and government long ago to insure the security of our nation and way of life . Stop arguing and bickering with one another and come up with GOOD solutions to the problems we all face

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