Live by the sword , die by the sword !


In my first prophetic letter written to Presideant Reagan on April 13,1985 , I had no idea as to how our Messiah would lead me and teach me. I had no idea how much I would learn and how much wisdom would come my way because I FEARED Joshua’s judgement on my soul and nothing else. How being willing and submissive to His Holy Spirit would burn the dross out of me and make me into something new.

After serving nearly seven years in the US Army I filed as a conscientious objecter under Army Regulation 1AO  in 1977. After months of battle and my refusal to join the 7th day adventist or Jehovah witness in order for them to help me get out , I went to see the command sargent major and a JAG officer because my battalion commander promised to put me in the stockade because of my views . Instead , I was locked down in the psychiatric ward at Walter Reid Army Hospital in Washington DC as to what seemed to me to be a politic dissident and prisoner of war.

If you were to look back at my earlier posts when they were hosted by Yahoo 360 and my website at you’d see that little did the US Army know about how sincere I was , and how our heavenly Father would prove the stand I made back then long ago. How many times He would stretch His mighty arm out to prove that He sent me !!!!!!! Because of all the different voices out there that all say listen to me , I have the truth about our Messiah ! Luke and Paul also stated that they had the truth and were sent by Him . Were they ?

Our heavenly Father inspired me to write the letters , publish my website, go to courts ,visit with Senators and Governors , and to publish my blogs . Why inspire me if He isn’t willing to prove He sent me ? To show you all who has His truth and who you all should listen to . Listen to me just enough so that you all would start to listen to Him so He could BEGIN to teach you direct . I ask NOT for your money . I ask NOT that you worship at my feet . I ask NOT that you set me up high . I simply ask that you ask HIM to forgive you and start teaching you . That in so doing we all become of ONE heart and mind concerning Him and His glory . That together we would all sing our praises to our Holy Redeemer , Joshua.

I may NOT pick up a gun or a sword to fight beside The Patriots ,but, I’ll pick up my cross and push it in the face of any who stand in our way ! In that first letter I said,” To those that wish to meet their enemies with bayonets let them stab them and to those that wish to meet their aggressors with prayer let them pray for this is what was instilled in The Constitution and in our mother’s childrens hearts.” You can shoot while I pray for cloud cover !

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