I Died and it was pleasant !


I took out my IV and unpluged my EKG and signed myself out of ICU AMA from Palm Bay Hospital.I rang for a nurse and it took them almost an hour to get to me in ICU ! That was just one of the reasons I signed myself out AMA . Went home and fell on my face and prayed . Father if You have something more for me to do then fine let me finish the work You gave me to do , and if this is the end well, I’ll be seeing You shortly . 12 years ago I was facing pretty much the same thing , my heart was racing and in an irregular heartbeat . I was not ready to die back then and it scared me to think of being buried .

Saturday,while at Holmes regional hospital I flatlined for 7.2 seconds . It was as pleasant a feeling as feeding my fish in my pond. Funny , how a few years can change ones views of dieing . I got sapped and my heartbeat was restored to normal . I have lived a full life and have been blessed with some of the biggest miracles I could have ever imagined . Been a part of our heavenly Fathers glory !!!!!!! I proclaim when He wants me to and He fulfils it !!!!!!! Again and again and again and again . Oh Atlanta , one of the South’s great capitals ,how hard the rain and how deep the floods ! Babies swept from their mother’s arms ! Bridges and roads swepted away . Homes swept away ! Lives ruined ! Father , hit them again with Your rod ! From drought and rationing water to historic 1000 year flood events !!!!!! Nashville , how many times did I come to you and proclaim Yehoshua’s words to you ? Did I not visit the Governors office at the state capital ? End a 7 year drought and bring bumper harvests for years to come ? Was my letter to Ned McWherter a proclaimation of a bent back of extreme pain years later ?

I do not receive pleasure from 2 year olds swept from their mother’s arms and drowned . That’s why I have been wearing sackcloth for over THREE years pretty much 24/7 . Yet, if it would take 1000 such babies or even 10,000 such to get you all to scream out to your Creator , Joshua , the Holy ONE of IsReal in repentence and to give Him true glory , I say sweep em away  and more. Read my earlier posts on this blog and when it was with Yahoo 360 . Just because I haven’t posted lately doesn’t mean our heavenly FATHER isn’t preforming according to what I have written a few weeks ago or a month ago !!!!!!!  Atlanta , your time has come again and again . My second letter to the state courthouse of huston county was why I excluded you from the rains of late December 1987 . I also gave ATLANTA several other warnings about tornadoes and more recently about floods and plagues to the capitals of states.St louis , Denver,Little Rock,Nashville,Indianapolis,AUSTIN,and how many more state capitals have been declared disaster areas since I posted my warning ? Oh I got lucky again is what so many of you what to believe . After all isn’t that easier to believe then that a prophet is proclaiming your just punishment as unruly children ? Defiant children ? Stubborn and rebellious children of your true FATHER , Joshua ?!?! Meet Him half way and see how He lifts you up and frees you from the chains that hold you .

Am I a monster for praying for floods , tornadoes,SWINE FLU , droughts , hail, and all manner of plagues upon you all ? In the old testament it was recorded that until I started killing them in numbers they would NOT listen to Me . You listen to idiots telling you what to do and believe everyday on your TV’s but won’t pause a second out of your day to pray and listen to your CREATOR ? What do you think the TRIBULATION is for ? To shake you out of your easy chairs and bring you to your knees so that at least a REMNANT would be saved !

Stop blaming your Creator for how the devil is ruling his only kingdom the earth ! Your Messiah , Joshua didn’t bow to him and neither should you ! Do you really think the devil would give you the glory of all the great kingdoms of the earth ? When the devil is through with this planet I suppose he’d give it to anyone who would really want it ! A burning firery sun ! I hope some of you reading my blogs will meet your Messiah in the heavens when He returns so that He can take you to a new Jerusalem and a new earth !

Oh, I almost forgot ! Our Lady Of Peace,CLUMSY !!!!!!!  I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand,watchin ya scream quiet or loud and ya really need a FRIEND ya need to let Him in there’s really nothin funny about this There’s nothin fake about this!!!!!!!   I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya cream … and Jim Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and Jim  Oldham  and Jim Oldham and Jim Oldham   and Jim OldHAM !!!!!!!!

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