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Showdown On 12/22/09 in Vierra Courthouse early in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

November 30, 2009

For the third time andf maybe this will be the charm , NOT !!!!!!! BUT  FOR  AN  INJURY ya mighta had a case. Does that vulgar traffic cop know what is required to file a valid cause of action ? Without a valid cause there is NO  STANDING  !!! Judge Majeed , I gave you an opportunity to bow out gracefully and you declined , so now must I embarrass and piss you off ? You think you know so much and operate your court like it is a free clinic , ONLY  THERE  IS  NOTHING  FREE  ABOUT  IT . When your name is called form a line !!!!!!!  Hurry  up  now !!!!!!!  Run you dumb ass criminals !!!!! Run so I can hear your change jingleling in your pockets so I can get your last penny. Where were you when I called your name , now hurry up !!!!

Is that anyway to treat your neighbors in a court of law? Is this why 157 Brevard lawyers give A.B. Majeed the lowest score of ALL COUNTY JUDGES ? RUNNING  AROUND CITIZENS IN HIS COURTROOM CAUSE HE HAS TO MANY SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY?Treating them like recruits and he is their DRILL  SARGEANT !?!?! How much money have you illegally stolen from Brevard Citizens that voted you unto that bench ? You are a disgrace to what Moses and his wife’s dad envisioned for a system of judges and courts. You should have remembered your roots and had compassion for the widows and orphans , the poor among us !!!!!!! You, Judge Majeed are the biggest most pompous asshole I have ever met !

UCC 1-207 Reserving your common law rights.

November 30, 2009

This is not a legal opinion or am I giving you legal counsel , you have to decide as a matter of conscious what is right for you . Why is it necessary to before signing any legal paper or contract should you write , ” Under Protest and Without Prejudice ” ? I also write  UCC1-207 then sign my name.

This is the only small section of the entire Uniform Commercial Code ( U.C.C. ) that allows you to reserve your legal rights under Common  Law . The powers that be included it so they wouldn’t have to admit that our Creditors wholly own the USA Corporation after it filed bankruptcy.Don’t take my word for it ,check out Anderson’s 2nd edition in plain language at your Law Library .

If you don’t put this on your traffic ticket you can’t at a later date reserve your rights . It has to be a timely reservation of your rights.

This also protects you from hidden clauses and partial contracts ! Why do police make you sign traffic ticket or go directly to jail? This gives jurisdiction and supposedly gives standing .

Most traffic cops don’t know shit about bringing a valid CAUSE of Action against you , and the ticket itself  is  NOT  a valid CAUSE Of Action . If there is no accident involved there is no injury or damage and every cause has to have an injury that could be redressed by the court. This fullfills the obligation of the court to protect and maintain individual rights.

It may NOT always be necessary to reserve your rights as most traffic courts would NOT want to admit they operate under The UCC and not state statutes , but, be aware that they are open to take your money anyway they can with some appearence of legitimacy.

Check out my earlier post and watch about your Right to Travel.

Courts are a den of thieves . The pirates in our midst.

November 30, 2009

PIRATES !!! Oh my ! They want to steal my hard won money ! Take me to traffic court and try to scam me and steal from me and you !!!!!!!

Thank You OBAMA NATION !!!!!!!

November 12, 2009

Thank you for showing Florida residents that Governor Charlie Crist is a LIAR . He was aware of your scheduled visit and the release of those emails between your office and his confirmed it .  I guess you can be proud Charlie Crist of showing all the residents of Florida that you are a LIAR . Gee,maybe you could visit a few middle schools and explain to the children about lieing and being a liar.

I guess you helped lower the bar on Floridians expectations of Governor Crist and probably insured his victory in that Senate race , NOT  !!!!!!!

OBAMA NATION Check out Richmond , Norfolk , and VA Beach !!!!!!!

November 12, 2009

Gee Obama , your the great techna whatever that Saudi King crowned ya with.I don’t suppose ya think you should get out your prayer rug yet do ya ? I mean before Eastern Virginia and Richmond wash away , huh ?!?!?! I mean, your GOD ( According to MSNBC ) and our Messiah by so many . You gonna stand by and watch OBAMA NATION wash away ? Spread out your wings , ah I mean arms , and stop this no named storm from wrecking your nation .

As for me I just keep praying for more wind and rain and put on Our Lady Of Peace and listen to their song CLUMSY … I’ll be waving my hand  WATCHIN  YA  DROWN watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD Ya really need a FRIEND ; THERE”S  NOTHING  FUNNY  ABOUT  THIS … I’ll be watchin ya drown …….(At the end of the song) …and Jim  Oldham  and Jim Oldham …and Jim  OldHAM !

November 16th in Vierra Courtroom at 9:00 AM Showdown !!!!!!!

November 9, 2009

Hey Governor Crist maybe now you can see that mighty outstretched Arm of our Creator,Messiah,and Father Yehoshua IsReal ! Ya better run to a jet and catch a flight to IsReal so you can put in some more prayer request to SAVE  FLORIDA  from floods and winds !!!!!!! Come on Charlie we all know what a GREAT  MAN  OF  GOD  you think you are . If worse comes to worse you can use sign language or Braille I told you to learn , so you can get through to your god who is deaf ,dumb,and blind . Pray to the aPaulSaul ( aPaulSoul ) Paul and Luke to save Florida !

Answer them FATHER as to how well they keep your Sabbaths,laws,commandments,precepts , ordinances,and judgements as to how the pan handle of Florida fairs from Tropical Storm  Ida . Answer Charlie Crist just like I asked You to answer Pat Robertson and his entire church for the hurricane season of 1999 in my warning in a court document in December of 1998 : Mountainside Finance  Vs  James  R  Oldham Case NO.  98-19375-CC-2  or 05-1998-CC-019375-XXXX-XX  filing date 10/20/1998 MOUNTAINSIDE  VS  OLDHAM JAMES   Defendant Ptept Id 1465906  Plaintiff  Ptept Id 1490019   .

Florida should  NOT  have remained silent after the hurricanes hit Virginia Beach in 1999 and now 10 YEARS  AFTER , 10 YEARS  LATER as I have written in my last blog concerning floods to all the cities were effected badly except Montgomery , Talahassee , and Atlanta . Guess what as prophesied here comes your floods. You gonna say I got lucky again ? Well all I can say is AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN  AND  Again  and  again  and   again  AND   AGAIN   AND  AGAIN AND  Again !!!!!!!  SEE  SEE  CC  CC  ( Charlie Crist ) the mighty outstretched arm of our heavenly FATHER . Strike Florida good with Your rod FATHER . Strike Talahassee good !!!  How about some tornadoes to !!!!!!!

Governor Charlie Crist you are a BUTTHEAD . Take me to court,jail me,crucify me you PROUD and BOASTFUL BUTTHEAD !!!!!!!Your prayers at the wailing wall saved Daytona Beach from record flooding ? The potatoe farmers a little north of there ? Right !!!!!!!  And we’re only talkin this year ! What about last year when I asked our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua to take Tropical Storm Fay up to you Governor Crist and let it sit and spin just to your South of the State Capital !!!!!!!  Did our FATHER  honor your prayers for Florida then ? No ! So what possessed you to declare to the news media down here how you go to Jerusalem every year and leave prayers there to protect FLORIDA ? Your full of PRIDE for yourself , more presumptious than Pat Robertson was . You better get real and find out what IsReal  and what is not .

PLASTIC Take Another Look .

November 5, 2009

Turn petroleum to gas and what do ya get . One giant headache to afflict mankind for 150 years ! Mountains of plastic garbage in our landfills . Plastic carpet for our homes.Fibreglass shingles for our roofs.Plastic insulation for our walls and ceilings.Plastic water pipes,cups,and glasses.Plastic cloths too.Asphalt from the Artic in Canada to the southern tip of Chile.Cheap whiskey.Vinegar and food.Pharmeceuticals and jet fuel.Sprays for your apples.Sprays for your fields and lawns.



WHEN  I  looked  closer still ,  I   SEEN   THE   FACES   OF   MEN  ( THROUGH  THE   WINDSHIELDS ) !!!!!

THEIR power to do HARM in their TAIL  PIPES  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLASTIC Take Another Look !!!!!!!

November 5, 2009

It will give image to the beast and to make it speak  !!!!!!!  Can ya make a movie without plastic film strip CD’s DVD’s Cassettes or floppy disc ? What’s the beast saying ? Buy Buy BUY run Run RUn RUN ?Am I in ? Hot ? Will my check tretch through the week? Can I feed my kids? Health care ? Economy ? Stock market crash?Swine Flu ? 2012 ? Darn Demoncrats ? Darn Republicans? Hail Obama nation ?Darn Barrack?She’s sexy?He’s hot?IRS? 401’s? Career?Retirement?My Debt?National Debt?Nuclear War?Sex?DARN EUROPEANS?Darn Africa?Darn Homos? I’m straight right?CYA?CYA?CYA? Cover Your Ass?Cover your ass or get screwed?Sue me? Sue you?Give me give me?GIVE ME? ENOUGH   !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Towers blasting sublimials 24/7  ?!?!  No peace. No rest.No time ?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

I thought the computer was going to free up my time . Yet, when can I finally sign off  ! Sign out?

PLEASE   PLEASE  PLEASE   take a few minutes break take a few breaths and say THANK YOU to our heavenly FATHER , Creator , Friend , and Messiah  for loving us all unconditionally !!!!!!!!!!!!  For caring enough for us to take the time to speak for us and to us all . Walk with us . Break bread with us. Fast with us . Beaten for us. Dieing for us .

Think about what’s been cruising through your brain . Your thoughts ? The evil ones suggestions ? Your governments ? Your friends ? Family ? Its your brain and thoughts control them ! Filter out the bad and nourish the good .

You blaming your momma for who you are ? Your uncle ? Some kids in grade school? Your dad ? Come on think about it . Did you know enough in grade school to program who you’ll be for the rest of your life ? Is your mom and dad controlling you from the grave ? Silly you going through life with programming that is ancient history. Where were you when they were giving away free upgrades?Delete your old programming and tell YOUR  brain how today and the future is going to be.

Stop digging your pits in the day time just to fall into at night cause you couldn’t see . Hey if you ate your carrots you’d walk around that pit ya dug. BUT , if you could really see and understand you wouldn’t dig them to begin with .

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