November 16th in Vierra Courtroom at 9:00 AM Showdown !!!!!!!


Hey Governor Crist maybe now you can see that mighty outstretched Arm of our Creator,Messiah,and Father Yehoshua IsReal ! Ya better run to a jet and catch a flight to IsReal so you can put in some more prayer request to SAVE  FLORIDA  from floods and winds !!!!!!! Come on Charlie we all know what a GREAT  MAN  OF  GOD  you think you are . If worse comes to worse you can use sign language or Braille I told you to learn , so you can get through to your god who is deaf ,dumb,and blind . Pray to the aPaulSaul ( aPaulSoul ) Paul and Luke to save Florida !

Answer them FATHER as to how well they keep your Sabbaths,laws,commandments,precepts , ordinances,and judgements as to how the pan handle of Florida fairs from Tropical Storm  Ida . Answer Charlie Crist just like I asked You to answer Pat Robertson and his entire church for the hurricane season of 1999 in my warning in a court document in December of 1998 : Mountainside Finance  Vs  James  R  Oldham Case NO.  98-19375-CC-2  or 05-1998-CC-019375-XXXX-XX  filing date 10/20/1998 MOUNTAINSIDE  VS  OLDHAM JAMES   Defendant Ptept Id 1465906  Plaintiff  Ptept Id 1490019   .

Florida should  NOT  have remained silent after the hurricanes hit Virginia Beach in 1999 and now 10 YEARS  AFTER , 10 YEARS  LATER as I have written in my last blog concerning floods to all the cities were effected badly except Montgomery , Talahassee , and Atlanta . Guess what as prophesied here comes your floods. You gonna say I got lucky again ? Well all I can say is AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN   AND  AGAIN  AND  AGAIN  AND  Again  and  again  and   again  AND   AGAIN   AND  AGAIN AND  Again !!!!!!!  SEE  SEE  CC  CC  ( Charlie Crist ) the mighty outstretched arm of our heavenly FATHER . Strike Florida good with Your rod FATHER . Strike Talahassee good !!!  How about some tornadoes to !!!!!!!

Governor Charlie Crist you are a BUTTHEAD . Take me to court,jail me,crucify me you PROUD and BOASTFUL BUTTHEAD !!!!!!!Your prayers at the wailing wall saved Daytona Beach from record flooding ? The potatoe farmers a little north of there ? Right !!!!!!!  And we’re only talkin this year ! What about last year when I asked our heavenly FATHER , Yehoshua to take Tropical Storm Fay up to you Governor Crist and let it sit and spin just to your South of the State Capital !!!!!!!  Did our FATHER  honor your prayers for Florida then ? No ! So what possessed you to declare to the news media down here how you go to Jerusalem every year and leave prayers there to protect FLORIDA ? Your full of PRIDE for yourself , more presumptious than Pat Robertson was . You better get real and find out what IsReal  and what is not .

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3 Responses to “November 16th in Vierra Courtroom at 9:00 AM Showdown !!!!!!!”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Tropical Storm Fay flooded Florida far worse than after Hurricanes Francis and Gene in quick sucession did. Sorry , Charlie but your prayer request at the wailing wall aren’t good for nothing but a deep freeze ( How many counties were declared disaster because of the freeze of 2010 ) . Your a fake ande a bastard Charlie Crist ( A bastard cause you have the devil as a Father and he wasn’t married to your ma or was he ? ).
    You should have stuck to politics and left religion to others more qualified . Because you said you know Yehoshua is holding you to a higher standard . Your such a man of G-d NOT !!!!!!!
    What a fall and no one to comfort you .
    Yet, even now if you’d admit your sin and your dad’s and wail in anguish for your proud and arrogant ways and HUMBLE yourself before your Messiah , Yehoshua Isreal , He would be quick to remember His promises of old to His people and heal you.

  2. James Oldham Says:

    Hey Charlie,

    Yeah you Governor Crist ! How have your visits and prayers left in Jerusalem protecting your state from millions of gallons of petroleum washing up on your beaches ? Come on you presumptious bastard answer us as to how your faith is protecting Florida. You are nothing but a sanctimonious butthead.

  3. James Oldham Says:

    Now to add to all your shame you dessert those that got you elected,the republican party of Florida.Where’s your loyalty other than to yourself?

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