OBAMA NATION Check out Richmond , Norfolk , and VA Beach !!!!!!!


Gee Obama , your the great techna whatever that Saudi King crowned ya with.I don’t suppose ya think you should get out your prayer rug yet do ya ? I mean before Eastern Virginia and Richmond wash away , huh ?!?!?! I mean, your GOD ( According to MSNBC ) and our Messiah by so many . You gonna stand by and watch OBAMA NATION wash away ? Spread out your wings , ah I mean arms , and stop this no named storm from wrecking your nation .

As for me I just keep praying for more wind and rain and put on Our Lady Of Peace and listen to their song CLUMSY … I’ll be waving my hand  WATCHIN  YA  DROWN watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD Ya really need a FRIEND ; THERE”S  NOTHING  FUNNY  ABOUT  THIS … I’ll be watchin ya drown …….(At the end of the song) …and Jim  Oldham  and Jim Oldham …and Jim  OldHAM !

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