Showdown On 12/22/09 in Vierra Courthouse early in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


For the third time andf maybe this will be the charm , NOT !!!!!!! BUT  FOR  AN  INJURY ya mighta had a case. Does that vulgar traffic cop know what is required to file a valid cause of action ? Without a valid cause there is NO  STANDING  !!! Judge Majeed , I gave you an opportunity to bow out gracefully and you declined , so now must I embarrass and piss you off ? You think you know so much and operate your court like it is a free clinic , ONLY  THERE  IS  NOTHING  FREE  ABOUT  IT . When your name is called form a line !!!!!!!  Hurry  up  now !!!!!!!  Run you dumb ass criminals !!!!! Run so I can hear your change jingleling in your pockets so I can get your last penny. Where were you when I called your name , now hurry up !!!!

Is that anyway to treat your neighbors in a court of law? Is this why 157 Brevard lawyers give A.B. Majeed the lowest score of ALL COUNTY JUDGES ? RUNNING  AROUND CITIZENS IN HIS COURTROOM CAUSE HE HAS TO MANY SCHEDULED FOR THAT DAY?Treating them like recruits and he is their DRILL  SARGEANT !?!?! How much money have you illegally stolen from Brevard Citizens that voted you unto that bench ? You are a disgrace to what Moses and his wife’s dad envisioned for a system of judges and courts. You should have remembered your roots and had compassion for the widows and orphans , the poor among us !!!!!!! You, Judge Majeed are the biggest most pompous asshole I have ever met !

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7 Responses to “Showdown On 12/22/09 in Vierra Courthouse early in the morning !!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    I have been in courtrroms around the country and have never seen such a circus as Judge A.B. Majeed’s courtroom . Never have a seen an elected official act so callously to the very citizens that voted him unto that bench.Years ago I wondered why he would rule against a resident of Brevard County so quickly in favor of a corporation that has no office or presence in this county,GMAC, until I read in the paper all those he thanked for contributing to his campaign . Wouldn’t you know it , the biggest NEW CAR DEALERS in Brevard county were at the top of his list.He has 3 or 4 times the cases any judge could be expected to handle in one day , and yet , he thinks he can treat the people in his court like children at day care or recruits in the Marines running them all around !!!! Hurry up when I call your name FORM A LINE !!!!!!!!!

  2. James Oldham Says:

    You make me feel used , raped , and disrespected all at once Butthead A. B. Majeed , but , it is your shame we all witness in OUR courtroom . A man with an ego to big for any state or country . A man that does Not acknowledge Equality under the law or the presumptioun of innocence . Its all a matter of how much money your gonna save us today huh Majeed ? Save us ? Or how your not gonna steel so much from us ?

    Send out those thieves to write us tickets quoting all those statutes that are meaningless . When you should have sent them out making sure they have proper CAUSE OF ACTION against thier neighbors , so that OUR court can have proper STANDING . BUT FOR BUT FOR RULE which is the higher justification for OUR courts existence. The PROTECTION of our enalienable righhts given to each individual by our CREATOR . Not COVETING your neighbors money and demanding it behind the barrel of a gun .A service providing behind the barrel of a gun is not a service but racketeering and breaking Ricco laws !!!!!!!

  3. Mrky Says:

    You, sir, are a blabbering idiot

    • James Oldham Says:

      Well Mrky , I’m glad that not everyone agrees with your opinion . Some have said they well look for me in heaven , cause I have the same Father they do . Who is Mrky anyways ? Do you hide behind avatars and walls ? Screen your emails and think your brave stating your opinion , but , nobody has a clue as to who you are . I include my picture so that anyone who wants to take a shot at me won’t be shooting someone else by mistake.Pull the curtain aside and give us all your real name and address so we can see how BRAVE you are.Are you some lawyer,attorney,or esquire aspiring to become a black robed judge on a bench or one of their henchmen they send out in patrol cars to rip of their neighbors illegally ? Or are you some legislater who stays up nights trying to figure out how you can get one more penny from us ? You call me an idiot but hey,you could have stopped reading at any point and gone somewhere else long before deciding I’m a blabbering idiot.So,who is the bigger idiot , me for rambling on or you for following along for the ride to its end ? jim

  4. James Oldham Says:

    I filed an appeal and now almost a year later I have not heard a word.What the case has fanished into thin air ? The court doesn’t want nothing to do with my appeal that has all the force of law cause at the signing of the ticket I wrote UNDER PROTEST WITHOUT PREJUDICE UCC1-207 and UCC1-308 thus reserving my COMMON LAW RIGHTS . Folks if you want to retain your rights you must at least write WITHOUT PREJUDICE before signing your name on that ticket . You can’t claim your rights at a later date you must make a timely reservation of them.Then look at other posts on this site that well give you a link to Marc Stevens who has all 50 states laws on proper CAUSE . The BUT FOR RULE and why the court has no STANDING without prsenting an injured party that has proper CAUSE . Of course I’m no lawyer and don’t take this as legal advice , I’m only a practitioner , even if my words are true . You still have to have the backbone to stand up to those FAKES in their black robes . Those thieves that sit on benches !

  5. James Oldham Says:

    I have had the pleasure to sit in Judge A.B. Majeed’s Courtroom a few more times now and its not the ruckus it once was . The amont of folks in the Courtroom were manageable and I can only say this for A.B . Majeed . Thanks for hearing me out . Thanks for showing me more respect by far than ALL the other Judges I stood before here in Brevard County and across this nation . You said my posts have made you famous and so I replied that that means your well aware of the prophesies I regualerly post that ALL come to pass almost exactly as I wrote them ? I told him honestly that he is my favorite Judge here in Brevard County and he is head and shoulders above the rest of that sorry lot . He still found me guilty and yes he STOLE my money as even he knows I am right concerning CAUSE and STANDING , but , he stole far less than those other bastards sitting on those benches . He even publically stated in COURT that he seriously considered granting me Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador of our heavenly FATHER . I only wish he had feared his CREATOR , REDEEMER , and LAMB more and really made a declaration on 1/5/2012 that would have been heard around the world . Thanks Judge Majeed for showing me far far more respect than ALL those other judges at Vierra put together . Out of them ALL you are my favorite .

  6. James Oldham Says:

    I spoke of the right judge . That day in court was a ruckus and he was truely overbooked for that day . He did have us form a line so that he could get through us all in a hurry , but , one day does not determine a mans true character . I based my opinion on Isaiah and Jeremiah and all the different courtrooms I was in across this nation . Since the post you are upset about I have had the pleasure of standing before him again , and although Judge Majeed is not perfect , he IS the only judge I would actually call HONORABLE . You are right Yazee , Judge Majeed is the best and most honorable judge in Brevard County and probably the best in the whole State of Florida . In his courtroom I admitted my mistake and told him that I had misjudged him . I hope that in my post about Judge Majeed since has done the justice to him he rightly deserves . Go to and to and see if I have not corrected my error in judgement . jim

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