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Ya Can Do Away With Our RIGHTS Fast Enuf

December 3, 2009

So, if  you don’t  people like Marc Stevens shoving the States laws up judges butts , then change the law and do away with personal freedoms , rights , and preceived loop holes . Either we are all equal under America’s laws or we are not . Every American as concerns Courts and legal rights are equal to Senators , Presidents , and Judges .

Stop treating the people that bother to go to court as if they are guilty already. Stop treating concerned citizens like they are retarded and should have never entered courtrooms defending themselves. True be told , you can’t find a lawyer that well defend you properly. Most all of them are  part of the system and problem . They try to make the law look to  complicated  for the average person to represent themselves . In realty the BASIC  Laws are simple and if you are brave enough to face judges down you will win almost everytime. Be prepared and know what your talking about and stop the stealing of our money and time . The Justice side of our checks and balances has become a joke , with judges legislating  from the bench and using deceptions , partial contracts , and hidden clauses to rape and pillage American citizens .

Its outrageous and an UNHOLY crime against equality,personal freedoms and rights, and being upfront and truthful. DO YOU SWEAR  OR  AFFIRM THAT  YOU SHALL  TELL  THE  TRUTH  AND  NOTHING  BUT  THE  TRUTH  SO  HELP  YOU  GOD  !!!!!!!   Our heavenly FATHER , Moses , and Zipporah’s  dad instituted the system of judges and courts. OUR  HEAVENLY  FATHER started the system of judges and in America the JUSTICE DEPARTMENT has made a MOCKERY  OF  TRUTH   AND  JUSTCE They hide behind convoluted fanciful language which is a dead language to anyone but thieving judges and lawyers.

It is JUDGES  and the  SUPREME  COURT  that are  TRAITORS  to the ONE  OATH U.S. soldiers affirm or swear to . Might I add that every judge has given similar oaths and every Congressperson . TREASON is running rampant in America !

Our FATHER knows what goes on in the Courtrooms across this nation . His judgement is in . The USA is guilty of  turning its back on Him and says that it is by the mighty works of the USA hands that have made this a great nation . It is the stealth fighters and bombers , the cruise missles and nuclear bombs, the aircraft carriers and submarines , the Abrams tanks and soldiers that declare their might and glory . NOT  !!!!!!!  How utterly arrogant , pompous , and mistaken !!!!!!!  Was our Father’s blessing on Ephraim and Manasseh that made the USA the greatest nation on earth !

Now , He has withdrawn that blessing cause of His promise in Deuteronomy chapter 8 and replaced it with a curse on the USA . Because He sent witnesses to proclaim the true and to prophesy what is to become and then He fullfilled it SEVEN times and then SEVEN times again and the USA did NOT  relent and repent . He gave them SEVEN more times prophesies and warnings and so now the USA can look forward to Leviticus chapter 26 and a Creator,Father , and Messiah , Yehoshua ( Joshua ) IsReal to walk in a FURY against the USA .

Gee , a loving Messiah that has become a FURIOUS  MESSIAH , what do you think about that ? Oh , HE still loves you all as HE walks in a Fury against you all . Joshua loves you and will show you all  who it is you should fear,honor,love,worship , and believe with all ya got . He’ll show you all so that at least some of you can be Redemned . So that some of you will return to heaven from which you fell ; yes , a remnant !!!!!!!

Traffic Cops Are Working Overtime !!!!!!!

December 1, 2009

I need to direct all of you who are interested in UCC 1-207 and how to win almost every traffic ticket in court. I am NOT a lawyer and this is NOT legal advice , but, its true and shocking that our courts are being run by PIRATES,Thieves , and Scoundrels . To get the statutes you need in your state , please go to . Take a good look at this site , alot of good tips here. I hope you have a safe and happy journey across this great land . jim

December 1, 2009

You think I’m a Johnny come lately? I have put my butt on the line and stretched my neck way out there many many years ago . Speaking out boldly to your elected Buttheads and Judges all the things you would have loved to shout at them but were to afraid to STAND  UP  and be counted ! I recognised in the early 1980’s how your government was circumventing your rights and told them they were setting Precedents that would do us in if we didn’t reign them in when we could have. Precedents that caused 8 states to ignore the will and vote of the majority several years later . Yes, those states that had a legal drinking age of 18 that had your insurance companies taking your money to pay off your politicians to pass laws against what you voted . Ironic that they used your own money to pay them bastards off with aint it ? Now , many many years later after you’ve lost your retirement , or your jobs , or your 401 K’s  , or your children’s educational funds , or your homes and business you want to hit the streets !!!!!!!

After the FOUR  HORSEMAN have left the barn you want to close the barn door. After it is now Legal for your military to get involved in Domestic emergencies or disputes. After China has been granted Eminent Domain in America . After 1/3 of this nation is set aside to cover our national debts . After they already have torn out any mention of our Messiah and His 10 Commandments from public buildings and courtrooms . You all want to finally do something NOW !!!!!!!

All you can accomplish now is for the Peoples Liberation Army to come over here to protect their trillions of interest and reasons why ( Eminent Domain )  Or cause the United Nations to issue sanctions against us and have their PEACE  KEEPERS  in our streets . You all will get Martial Law declared and to start the FEMA camps to filling up.

Pick up your bibles and find out how your churches let you all down . Find out why Christianity in America is shrinking . Why the church leaders allowed the dechristianation of our courtrooms,schools,and government . Why there are 1001 different BRANDS of Christianity all pointing fingers at each other , when our Messiah prayed that we all be ONE , even as He is ONE with the FATHER .

When you can see how our love has grown cold through lawlessness you can begin fighting the GOOD  FIGHT knowing full well that the ONLY   GOOD  comes from heaven and who our Creator , Joshua , breathes on . Remember , He said ,” This is NOT  My kingdom …” Did the devil offer all the glory of the great kingdoms of the earth to our Messiah if He would just bow down to him ? They were the devil’s to give and we are his followers !!!!!!!  Yes, we are the 1/3 of the angels that turned our backs on our only true FATHER  and the earth is the devil’s ONLY kingdom . How has he ruled and taken care of his ONLY kingdom ? You think after these 1000’s of years the question has been answered that the devil asked up there in heaven ? Why not follow me ? Do things my way ?

What do you expect to find down here in the devils only kingdom ? Obama nations ? A dieing planet ? Despots and Dictators? Martial Law ? Finally one evil world government filled with the worse bastards in history ? Death ? Starvation ?Disease ? War ? Rape and pillage ? Genocide ? Fake Christian Churches ? Fake Gospels ? The Nicene Creed that whitewashes Luke and Paul and declares their words Holy Inspired , 66 books , and we believe in Paul and all His apostles(aPaulSaul) ? Because of Chernobyl the earth turning into a sun or star ? Finally seeing your eternal punishment is from man and the devil NOT your only true Father ?

Either have that final meal or cigarette and give up , or pick up your crosses and follow our Messiah to righteousness , goodness , and holiness . Fight for this world or fight for heaven . You decide NOW , before this world government makes you decide soon ; the mark of the beast or the mark of your heavenly FATHER ? Comes down to a choice ,man (devil) or our Creator . SIMPLE !!!!! Like it has been all along ; Creator or devil . The NWO won’t even allow Atheist . The microchip and worship of the beast so you can buy, sell , or trade or the worship and mark of our Father .jim

Thou Shall NOT STEAL or Bear FALSE Witness !!!

December 1, 2009

Know how to defend yourself properly before you lose your license. Please check out the following videos; . Traffic tickets not involving an accident are illegal and don’t have the proper required elements of which CAUSE  and  STANDING   are of the most important . I again admonish you that I am NOT a lawyer and this is not legal advice , you yourself must follow the dictates of your conscious . Just because you can produce all the law cases and know the law and that you are 100 % right doesn’t mean you will win . The courtrooms are dens of thieves and they will find a way to steal your money with some semblence of legitimacy . I always write on my speeding tickets before I sign Under protest Without Prejudice UCC1-207 . The traffic cops don’t like it ,but,explain that you don’t want to be party to hidden clauses or partial contracts and you wish to reserve your Common  Law rights;THEN  SIGN . You have to make a timely reservation of Common Law rights . Go to YOUR Law Library at YOUR courthouse and look up Anderson 2nd Edition of UCC , Uniform Commercial Code UCC 1-207 , to read in plain english. This is probably not necessary in all courtrooms as the judges wouldn’t want to admit they are practicing law as International Commercial Courts and admitting that the Constitution means nothing ever since Creditors took over our nation after it filed bankruptcy , but, as I said ,you be the judge .

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