Thou Shall NOT STEAL or Bear FALSE Witness !!!


Know how to defend yourself properly before you lose your license. Please check out the following videos; . Traffic tickets not involving an accident are illegal and don’t have the proper required elements of which CAUSE  and  STANDING   are of the most important . I again admonish you that I am NOT a lawyer and this is not legal advice , you yourself must follow the dictates of your conscious . Just because you can produce all the law cases and know the law and that you are 100 % right doesn’t mean you will win . The courtrooms are dens of thieves and they will find a way to steal your money with some semblence of legitimacy . I always write on my speeding tickets before I sign Under protest Without Prejudice UCC1-207 . The traffic cops don’t like it ,but,explain that you don’t want to be party to hidden clauses or partial contracts and you wish to reserve your Common  Law rights;THEN  SIGN . You have to make a timely reservation of Common Law rights . Go to YOUR Law Library at YOUR courthouse and look up Anderson 2nd Edition of UCC , Uniform Commercial Code UCC 1-207 , to read in plain english. This is probably not necessary in all courtrooms as the judges wouldn’t want to admit they are practicing law as International Commercial Courts and admitting that the Constitution means nothing ever since Creditors took over our nation after it filed bankruptcy , but, as I said ,you be the judge .

3 Responses to “Thou Shall NOT STEAL or Bear FALSE Witness !!!”

  1. Roulette Strategies Says:

    I cannot believe this will work!

  2. James Oldham Says:

    It will only work if you get a half way honest and caring judge.

  3. James Oldham Says:

    I lost in court , but , it appears my appeal is having its effect . The State Attorney’s office does not want anything to do with my appeal and will NOT participate in oral debate and specifically asked me NOT to submit anything further on my appeal to there office.They also made a point as to the fact they were not involved in the preceedings.You can bet I’ll do alot of postings if I win . jim

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