State Of Florida Vs Our Messiah and Creator !!!


Yeah State of Florida Vs James Oldham has been once again delayed . The showdown has been moved to 2/5/2010  at Vierra courthouse in Florida. Gee , Florida has declared war on James Oldham a witness and prophet sent by our heavenly Father , Yehoshua Isreal !!!!!!!  How’s the war going , huh , Governor Crist ????? Has it turned into a COLD war ? Juices freezing up ? Water mains breaking ? Strawberries already frozen for a strawberry dacquiry ? Wait till the next batch of thunderstorms !!!!!!! I think its time you jumped on a jet plane Charlie and get your butt back to the wailing wall in Jerusalem to puty in some more prayer requests . Your such a man of god and I’m sure your faith will protect all Floridians from crop loses and fish kills. Gee I can hear the falling iguanas and cries of the orange , strawberry , ferns, and umpteen other growers crying out . Save us oh mighty Governor Crist !!!!!!!! Brag some more about your great FAITH that protects all Floridians from disasters in YOUR state.

I wrote letters warning you all that I no longer will pray for our Creator to protect the state I live in . That the bumper harvest days are over in my state. Can ya hear the 100 + MPH  straight line winds blowing across America as I said would happen in the late 1980’s ?

Hey, maybe its time Our Lady Of Peace comes out with a new version of CLUMSY ; I’ll be watchin ya freeze wavin my hand watcvhin ya scream quiet or loud Ya really need a FRIEND ……. and Jim Oldham….and Jim OldHAMMMMM !!!!!!!

Come on balls in your court Charlie !!!!!!! I live at 2992 Tivoli Ave SE Palm Bay , FL what ya waiting for ? Better send a bunch cause I don’t think a few will get past the fire.

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2 Responses to “State Of Florida Vs Our Messiah and Creator !!!”

  1. Rocky Tamminen Says:

    Hi, nice day! Your article is quite uplifting. I never thought that it was feasible to accomplish something like that until after I read your page. You undoubtedly gave a great understanding on how this whole process works. I’ll make sure to visit for more info. Thanks!

  2. James Oldham Says:

    I have freely received and I have always freely given. My fight is the GOOD FIGHT and I always give it my best . If I fall I shake the dust off praise our Creator and keep putting one foot in front of the other . I dispise Luke and Paul and their writtings that say we can’t do what we set out to do and there is no hope of overcoming or sins,to just give up and accept the ineditable and stop trying. Our Messiah , Yehoshua , didn’t say you should try to be perfect or you might be perfect , NO !~ He said , ” Be Ye PERFECT even as your heavenly FATHER is perfect !!!!!!! ” Did He not give us the Comforter yeah the Holy Spirit to walk with us and teach us how to overcome and be like our Creator , sons and daughters of Yehoshua ?

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