Promises Kept .


The only promises that I can see that were kept , were by our Father and Creator . One of those was when the USA became the greatest nation on earth . Not by Americans might or work of hands . Not because Americans are smart or dedicated. Simply so our Creator should show the world what it means to be blessed by Him . Ephraim and Mannaseh , Josephs sons given the fat of the land the gates of their enemies , gold , silver , and copper in your hills and mountains. Great Lakes and Great fountains of water in abundance . Wheat fields that you can not see the ends of waving in the breezes. Herds of cattle , sheep, and horese without number.

All this and more so that you all can pat yourselves on the backs and say what wonderful workers you all are . You made those mountain ranges huh ? Dug the depths and filled the Great Lakes huh ? Layed the foundations of the Mighty Mississippi River and its tributaries huh ? Transported and deposited all that fertile soil in our heartland huh ?

You all made those promises of a Lamb that would shed its blood and to be put on the door lentiles ? You all instituted a Passover ? Feast of Tabernacles ? Sabbaths ?

It was you all that was born but for one purpose , a testimony that all that was promised is here and ready to be sacrificed ? To  fullfill all those promises of our Messiah being born ? That its your blood that cleans us from all unrighteousness ? That its you that will be found without spot and blemish, perfect , and good for life ?

Stop patting yourselves on your backs . Stop blowing your own horns . If your like me you have all fallen short of His glory and have sinned .

Give glory to Him that has earned it and deserves it ; Joshua our Messiah , Good Friend , Good Teacher , Master , and Father . Thank Him from whom all promises are kept ! Thank Him from whom all blessings and goodness flows !

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