AGAIN AND  AGAIN AND AGAIN 10 inches 12 inches of flooding rains is NOT  ENOUGH . Where do you stand on the unconstitutional ratification of the 14th Amendment and the High Treason of the ACT of 1871 ? Have  we the people the rights of sovereignty ; sui juris or are we slaves to the corporation UNITED  STATES  OF  AMERICA  and subject to the debt of that corporation that we did NOT incur ? Oh heavenly Father , did You Not promise that Manasseh would become a great nation . Did You not help us establish a Constitution made by Sovereigns for Sovereigns to control its government ? So that the united states of America would become the fortress and breadbasket of Isrealianity ( christianity) around the world ?

Did our forebears insure for us the rights we all need so that we would not be harrassed day and night in the pursuit of our Creator’s desire ; that we would be a Free people , Sovereigns all ?

Pound the Southern States into submission worse than the North ever thought to accomplish until they all wake up and reclaim the Sovereignty of its people by repealing all unconstitutional Acts of Congress and declaring the 14th Amendment as never being  constitutionally ratified .

Well the Southern States , New Jersey and Ohio , let stand the Treason committed by Congress ? Was it not a Treasonous act of Cogress that ejected the lawful Congress of 10 Southern States replacing them under Martial Law in peacetime by a military tribunal ? The same Congresspeople that had just helped to legally pass the Thirtienth Amendment to the Constitution ?

Father , wake the people up . Wake the Southern States up , to realize that they are only as strong as the people that trust them to look after their concerns as the Constitution of Sovereigns grants them .

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