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James Oldham and Prophecy

March 30, 2010

I started  publishing PROPHECIES in earnest at the end of 2007 . On Yahoo 360 ( Transferred to WordPress when 360 ended ) December 18,2007 I give a warning to Iowa City,Johnson County,and Iowa . The tags contained weather,insanity,and prophecy . Iowa had already received many plagues since my courthouse appearences in Iowa City where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador and Prophet of our heavenly Father and Messiah , the Holy ONE Isreal . That warning brought the floods of 2008 to Iowa where 83 of 97 Counties were declared disasters from the flooding. has some more warnings and prophecies . I have prophecied that in spite of Town Hall meetings , Tea Party stops at cities across America protesting ObamaCare and their stop at DC and the giant rally there that Congress was still going to ram ObamCare up our butts ! My prophecy of Swine Flu outbreak on June 29 , 2008 and my post that sent Tropical Storm Fay to Tallahassee , FL to sit and spin just to their South all came true .

So so many more prophecies that our heavenly Father , Joshua ( Yehoshua ) inspired me to write and post ! Why inspire me if He is not going to fullfill them ? He fullfilled them all so that you all can see and believe that He sent me . So that He can show you all that I am preaching the words He gave me about Luke and Paul being LIARS and anti-Christ . I was NOT the first to call them LIARS , John the beloved disciple called them LIARS first in 1 John 2 : 4.

Now when you Google , James Oldham and prophecy , I’ll pop up first second, and third ! Ignore my warnings at your own peril , but my conscious will be clear . I stuck my neck way out for you all cause I love you all . and wish that none were lost . Rocks splitting , the ground tearing , Typhoons , Floods , Swine Flu , New Madrid fault line , and so much more . so much more earlier warnings at . A place of some very good info and warnings . See you there . jim

Fight to my death !

March 10, 2010

To my last breath I will fight the evil BASTARDS  in  DC  who have the devil as their father . Who raise their arms to mother earth and the sacred owl . Who worship money as their god . MONEY  that has no real value. Your slave masters that have their feet on your necks as the flood waters rise . You who have put way to much trust in their ability to save you when the Obama nation of desolation grabs you by the throats and shakes you like the dogs you are !!!!!!!  Come out from them ! Separate yourselves from them !!!!!!! Be like Meshach,Shadrach,and Abed-Nego and do NOT bow or submit to them !!!!!!!  Be like the Christians who were murdered in the Coliseums of Rome , MARTYRS  all  !!!!!!!

THIS  IS  NOT  MY  KINGDOM ! Your Messiah said !!!!!!!!  He would not bow to the devil and receive the glory of all the great kingdoms of the earth !

Give all glory to your only true Father in heaven ! STAND  STAND  STAND on the  ROCK of salvation , His laws and commandments !!!!!!!!!

We have made a Covenant unto DEATH

March 4, 2010

Oh wretched man that I am that I wish I could and I can’t and and what I try to stop I do !!!!!!! I am the chief sinner and I love to murder Christians and steal their homes.We have made a Covenant unto death and we were better off as slaves in Eygypt !!! The laws and commandments are only good for death.They are a grievious burden that NO  ONE  can bear !!!!!!!The curse of the laws and commandments ! The Law-giver Himself is accursed because He hangeth from a tree.The laws and commandments are so bad they had to be nailed to a cross and killed.We won’t BURDEN you with any more than these FOUR ( 4 ) things;don’t eat foods offered to idols,drink blood,eat strangled foods,and keep yourself from sexual immorality and it will be well with you.Farewell.We are NOT under laws or commandments but GRACE.In fact you don’t have to do anything for your Salvation but BELIEVE !!!!!!! Your Messiah didn’t know what He was saying in Matthew 5 : 17-22 . He must have been mistaken or a liar . It must NOT have been  Him that said ,  ” These feast days are to be kept throughout your generations they are eternal . The heaven and earth will pass away but My words will never pass away .”

Those words are from the aPaulSaul Luke and Paul who were sent to preach a different Gospel than the true disciples of Joshua ( Jes_s ). What a different Gospel Luke is that was supposedly unto the Gentile nations . Didn’t our Messiah command His disciples to preach His Gospel to the world and MAKE  DISCIPLES  OF  ALL  THE  NATIONS , baptising them in the name of the Father , Son , and Holy Spirit ? Read this part again ; make disciples of ALL the nations . Make disciples of All nations ( Jewish and Gentile people and nations ) !!!

Didn’t our Messiah say in Matthew 5 : 17-22 , ” Don’t be mistaken , I did NOT come to do away with the laws or commandments … not the smallest letter or word will pass from the laws and commandments until the heaven and earth pass away and all is fullfilled ? Have the heaven and earth passed away ? Neither has the laws and commandments !!!  1 JOHN 2 : 4  Anyone  ( Luke , Paul , you , or me ) says I know our Messiah and keeps NOT  His commandments is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them !!!!!!!

Hey Hey Hey the beloved disciple just called Luke and Paul  LIARS   !!!!!!!  Aren’t they the first teachers and aPaulSauls to come along and teach that you don’t have to keep the laws and commandments ? Look at Acts 15 : 23-30 , the so called ” Jerusalem  Decree ” . You just have to keep these FOUR ( 4 ) things and it will be well with you . You must be circumcised and keep the laws to which WE   GAVE  YOU  NO  SUCH  COMMANDMENT . We don’t want to BURDEN you ( 1 John 5 ; 3  This is the love of Joshua , when you keep His commandments and they are NOT  BURDENSOME ;the greastest commandment ) !!!!!!!

Why give Gospel authority to Luke who never seen or heard our Messiah speak ? Is he right about the 2 thieves crucified with Joshua or are the true disciples right ? Wasn’t Luke Paul’s personal physician ? Gee that must be why Rome was so adamant about giving him bedrock gospel authority . Yeah  so he could introduce his boss and friend Saul on his way to Damascus . Saul  Saul  why does thou persecutest Me ? Is it NOT hard to kick against the thorns or pricks ? Does not Paul speak of bright angels of the devil blinding whole congregations ?  Duh , killing the disciples of Joshua in the Coliseums across the Roman Empire was NOT  working . Dh , kicking against those pricks was hard and in fact their blood ( Of the Martyrs was the seeds of Christianity) !!! You want to kill them much more effectively ?  Become an Evangelist and start preaching a different Gospel . One that takes them off the ROCK  ( Laws and commandments ) and lets them build on sand ( The doctrines of men and churches , especially Roman Catholism ) .

We were all warned that this was going to happen . The hi-jacking of Christianity by Ceasar, the devil,King Constatine,Luke , and Paul would have to have been prophecied ahead of time and at least by the mouths of TWO (  2 ) different witnesses . The first witness , Daniel 7 : 25  The 4 th beast ( Roman Empire ) will speak blasphemies against the Most High . They shall persecute the saints of the Most High ( In the Coliseums across the Roman Empire ).Then they shall seek to change time ( Julian Calendar ) and the laws and commandments ( By sending Luke and Paul to preach a different Gospel ). Then the saints shall be given into their hand for a time , times , and half a time. They will seek to but can’t change the new moons or the laws and commandments that are eternal. They could only seek to change how you think of the laws because of Luke and Paul’s writtings.

The second witness is your Messiah Himself in Matthew 13 : 24-30 about the wheat and the tares . He sows His wheat ( Truth ) and when it comes up His servants say.” Creator , did you not sow good seed in the fields ? Yes I did . Where have these tares ( Lies ) come from ? An enemy has sowed these tares in the night . The servants ask if they should pull them up . No  ! Heaven forbid that you would dislodge the wheat with the tares . Let them grow side by side ( In the New Testament ) until the harvest time . Guess what ? It’s the harvest time and its time to bundle up them tares ( Lies of Luke and Paul ) and toss them into the fire.

You still want to listen to that whiner ? That wretched man that can’t stop sinning ? The man that called himself the chiefest sinner ? That complainer in the wilderness that said , ” I have entered into a Covenant of Death ( Sheol ) . ” Which caused snakes to rise up . The man that contradicts your Messiah and infers that your Messiah doesn’t know how to give us lovingtenderkindness laws and commandments ? That Joshua must have been mistaken when he spoke the words of Matthew 5 : 17-22  ? That He made a mistake in giving us no good laws that had to be done away with ? That our Creator and Messiah Joshua makes mistakes ?  He said the laws were nailed to a cross and died !!!!!!!!!!!! But I ask you , ” Was NOT the laws and commandments resurrected because they were found to be with OUT spot or blemish , a perfect propriation for our sins ?!?!?!? ”

Do not be like Paul and throw up your hands and surrender . When you fall rise up and shake the dust from which we were made off of yourselve and walk on ! Never give up ! Never Give in  !!!  Never surrender !!!  Have Joshua breath on you as He did to His disciples in John20 : 20 -22 and our Creator  ( Joshua ) did in Genesis 2: 7 . Not like Luke says in Acts 2:2   FORKED  TONGUES of flame and our Messiah absent. Rise up and let the Holy Spirit teach you and direct you .

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