Catastrophe In The Gulf Of Mexico !!!!!!


Go to   about 3/4 down the page that comes up is Pearl Jam’s “BLACK”  The preacher said all is painted BLACK tatooed everything … all that I see , all that I am , all I’ll ever be !!!!!!! Cause his fame is only on CD’s,DVD’s,Plastic cassette tapes,etc etc etc . The inspiration for his song from my letter to Mrs Gairth and the superintendent of schools in Tennessee about petroleum , the spiritual remains of an unholy union between Spirit ( Sons of G-d ) and the daughters of men that resulted in dinosaurs , those GIANTS of Genesis 6 :1-4  .

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  1. Johnstone Wanjala Says:

    When Jesus began His ministry on earth, he taught those who had an ear to hear, healed those who were sick, and fed those who were hungry. He also selected twelve Apostles and sent them” to the lost sheep of Israel (mathew10:6) with instructions to preach, heal and feed. As He was preparing them for the mission field,… he gave a command to maintain a giving heart.
    Thanks for join me and stand with us to assistance and helping this children. I believe that there is always power when brethren get together to pray for one another no matter the distance between them. We have an orphanage school of 100 orphans and really continue to suffer due to starvation/hunger. We kindly request you to do fundraising to get enough food to serve them.
    We request you and your friends to provide food, rice, Clothes, Blankets, and other basic needs.the cost of rice (US$17.5) for 90-Kg bag while maize goes for (US$43) and wheat floor (US$57) for 90-kg bag.
    Or any contribution that God has blessed them to donated food to the orphans which costed us about (US$1000). may make to us the cause of raising funds to help this children.

    Love and blessings.

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