Accidents happen when in spite of man’s best efforts and complying with ALL the basic safety measures and procedures something unforeseen or a sudden system breakdown occurs . BP was operating against its own saftey protocols and operating procedures . There was no mud in the pipeline as they poured the concrete plugs and at least two vital safety systems were down !!!!!!!  I won’t even mention low or dead batteries and their possible effects on safety .

These safety measures were in place in case they hit a pocket of excessive gases and increased pressure on the well . It is NOT an accident when you continue to operate with several of your safety systems OFFLINE  or damaged to the point of being dangerous to the rigs operation . This was no accident , but , a deliberate act of ignoring the saftey rules in place to prevent such an accident from occuring , to save some money and put our entire gulf coast and eastern seaboard at risk .

That’s like saying the USSR had an accident at Chernobyl when they were doing experiments on the reactors ignoring so many safety precautions as to being totally INSANE .

Rand Paul are you in bed with the oil companies ? Have they bought your soul ? Are you running interference for them ? Giving them more time to try to salvage a profit out of their mess ? More time to destroy the beauty and ecology of  the Gulf Coast and a lot of the Eastern Seaboard ?

How can the Bilderbergs , and other RICH   BASTARDS  tell us how much they love their MOTHER  EARTH , the sacred owl , saving the earth from us useless eaters when they sit back and continue to allow MILLIONS  of gallons of CRUD ( Crude ) to flow into our environment ? If they really cared at all they’d make BP blow the well even if they need to use a nuke ! Screw the oil and the money it brings !!!!!! Save or wildlife , beaches , and health .

If BP was operating with all equipment and safety procedures being followed and the well blew anyways , then that would be an unforseen accident . This is NOT the case however , and BP was well aware of the diificulty of working on a problem ONE  MILE below the surface and should NOT have been operating against their own safety policies .

Well  BP  pay off a bunch of people and after they write peoples memories the way they want , find that everything they did was according to all safety procedures being followed and in fact they were going well and  above what was called for ?

Rand Paul are you to cozy with the oil companies ? The Paul’s and Bush’s cut from the same cloth ? BP ‘s execs should be charged with crimes against humanity and everyone who tries to protect them into question.

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2 Responses to “RAND PAUL AND ACCIDENTS !!!!!!!”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    John Fogarty sang , ” I know its true cause I seen it on TV !!!!!!! ” Well , the picture is pretty clear of that oil gushing into the Gulf . The interview of the BP worker that jumped into the Gulf to escape the raging fire was pretty plain . BP was not operating according to their own safety procedures . Equipment was damaged or down and yet they continued to operate in a negligent manner , not even pumping heavy mud into their pipe while installing concrete plugs . Warfare against humanity ? War crimes ? You all going to let BP and our government continue to let them pollute for the sake of their balance sheets ?

  2. hoboduke Says:

    Wish we had Sarah Palin as VP. She kicked the fat cat oil companies to get in line, and stop stealing Alaska. Our President and crew took the BP status report without checking their own intelligence? Now we are in the worst debacle, thanks to soft shoe President and bumbling crew. President has had more summits on jobs, healthcare, car industry, finance industry, but what about natural resources? Guess we don’t need to bring in the top guys in the field so we don’t just rely on BP! We’re too busy worried about Arizona, and gay pride in the military to worry about the oil crisis.

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