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OCEANS TURNED BLOOD RED !!!!!!! (via Reallyelijah’s Blog)

June 29, 2010

How many posts could I reblog ? Who out there can pick the right Messiah out of the over 1001 different Messiahs taught in over a 1001 different BRANDS OF CHRISTIANITY ! Come on, 3 guesses for a nickle !!!!!!! Step right up and make a spectacle of yourself !!!!!!! Nashville , ya aint seen nothin yet !

The moon became a blood red ! The sky rolled back like a scroll ! What do you think the ozone layer is doing ? Its rolling back like a scroll !!!!!!!  What is red tide ? Oceans becoming red as blood ; a recent manmade catastropy !!!! Go to the heartland this summer say in Iowa and watch the moon rise . It will be blood red through several degrees of its rising !!!!!!! You have to look at the moon rising through the atmosphere above Chicago,Gary, … Read More

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Fight to my death ! (via Reallyelijah’s Blog)

June 29, 2010

Months later Obama brags about boots on BP’s execs !!!!!!!

To my last breath I will fight the evil BASTARDS  in  DC  who have the devil as their father . Who raise their arms to mother earth and the sacred owl . Who worship money as their god . MONEY  that has no real value. Your slave masters that have their feet on your necks as the flood waters rise . You who have put way to much trust in their ability to save you when the Obama nation of desolation grabs you by the throats and shakes you like the dog … Read More

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I AM INSANE !!!!!!!

June 29, 2010

1984 all over again , when all you crazy bastards have taken over the world , it takes a sane man to see the way . I show you the way and for my labors I’m called insane . Your really quite mad if you believe all that you say !!!!!!! I  AM  not  mad  ,  I  AM   FURIOUS   .

VERIFY !!!!!!! Do The Research !

June 29, 2010

That’s what they say . Verify ! Disinformation moles ! Short Robed Jesuits ! Alex Jones is a hero ! Alex Jones is a smuck ! Ron and Rand Paul are working for us ! Ron and Rand are working for BIG  OIL  !!!!!!! Obama the anointed one !  Obama the devil ! Who do you trust ? Who do you believe ? What is real and what is not . Your Messiah Is Real and His name ,  IsReal , Joshua Isreal  !!!!!!! And Jacob was named after Him IsReal !  And the ten so called lost tribes took His name ISREAL . To those of you who know that the joint blessing  ISREAL ( Jacob ) gave to Ephraim and Mannaseh , that great company of nations ( Commonwealth of Great Britain and the USA ) the best of the best . The fat of the land ( Wheat fields of USA , Canada , and Australia ) Fountains of water ( Great Lakes , Lake of the Woods , and all thye waters that flow into the Hudson Bay . Copper in your hills and iron in your mountains , mansions on every hill , and herds without number. The Gates of your enemies ( Hong Kong , Suez Canal , Panama Canal , Guam , Marshall Islands , Samoa , Midway , GIBRALTER , Guantanamo Bay , etc etc etc ). No navy could go anywhere in the world without passing under or guns . What a BLESSING  !!!!!!!  What an Empire !!!!!!!  What wealth and resources at our fingertips . How we outproduced the rest of the world !!!! And not by a little but at one time 90 % of major industries !!!!!!! BECAUSE  WE  WERE  GIVEN  SO  MUCH  BY  OUR  CREATOR  !!!!!!!

But alas , kingdoms come and kingdoms go . Isreal how far have you fallen , and how great your fall  !!!!!! BLAME  THE  ROCKEFELLORS  FOR  DUMBING  YOU  ALL  DOWN  !!!!!!  For hiding history from you . For throwing your Creator , His commandments , laws , statutes , precepts , ordinances , and judgements out of your classrooms , courthouses , and city halls . Long ago Isreal was warned and they did NOT heed those prophets warnings !!!!!!! Their lands and country taken and the survivors led into captivity .

The Jews ( Judah and Benjamin ) in Jerusalem were warned by other prophets . After seeing their brothers and sisters being led into capitivity as the prophets warned them they refused to heed Jermiah and Isaiah’s warnings to them . After a seige of  years where it was commonly heard ,” We’ll eat my son today and yours tomorrow !!!!!!” those left were led away NAKED and in CHAINS !

Your Father and Creator , yeah your Messiah sent you a prophet to proclaim ahead of time what is in store for you all , DEATH , STARVATION , SICKNESS , WAR ,PESTILENCE , FIRES , FLOODS , HURRICANES , DROUGHTS , and NUKES EXPLODING OVER YOUR CITIES .

Why ? Cause you are in bed with dead things and you have given your children death .

You are not alive but yet you walk . There is no truth in you only fiction . The freedom your forefathers sought is an obomination to you . Plastic handcuffs and chains you prefer . You made your children into slaves  , not even a bowl of porridge for their birthrights !!!!!!!

You don’t fathom , to all those who bless you well be blessed . So since you’ve cursed yourselves , your children , land , and waters so shall you be cursed .

33 years I have fought for you all , pleaded your case , stood in the midst of plagues . I shed so many tears for you all , shouted from the rooftops , asked our Creator to be dismissed , retired , or at least given R  & R . So hopeful , so patient , so willing , so obediant , always the servant , meek , and humble . I saw our Creator’s mighty outstretched arm at work again and again and again doing the mighty works , no miracles ,  to fullfill my prophecies and warnings to you all exactly as I had written and spoken it !

Ah , what is that but Mother nature , mother earth going through its cycles . What’s 20 billion here and 140 billion there  in damages ? 500 , no 1000 year flood events ? The loss of whole forests statewide by borers,aphids, beetles , and moths ? Swine Flu and earthquakes that well bring so many to their knees ?

Why ? Leviticus chapter 26  !  Seven times more , seven times more plagues , and seven times more until when you all continue to walk contrary to ME , I will walk contrary to you all in a  FURY   !!!!!!!   A  FURIOUS  Messiah !!!!!!! a  FURIOUS   Creator  !!!!!!!  A   FURIOUS  Redeemer !!!!!!!  A    FURIOUS  Savior  !!!!!!!  A   FURIOUS   Father   !!!!!!!   The  ROD  is  out  and now you all can know the true meaning of FURIOUS . Seven times worse than when Jerusalem was under seige kinda of FURIOUS   !!!!!!!

Its way pass ignoring His blessings . Way pass keeping His Sabbaths holy . Way pass keeping His commandments . Do any of you keep even one ? Won’t even listen to Paul , your savior , and Luke who gave you only FOUR ; and if you keep these 4 it will be well with you, farewell !

No , this country doesn’t need a blessing from your Creator ! A Redeemer to keep your enemies far away . No  , we’ll just invade anyone who stands in our way or has what we want ! The mighty works of our hands well get it for US  !!!!!!!  Send in the bombers and cruise missles  !!!!!!!  Lets revel in the rockets red glare   !!!!!!  Bomb the kids , moms , and grandpas to death !!!!!!!  Watch it all on a big screen TV  in the latest  high defination . Don’t want to miss one drop of blood flying !!!!!!!  Kill the ragheads !!!!!!!  Send them to hell !!!!!! Take their blood and oil and rape them good , men women , and children . Give them new laws ! New religion ! Watch US  roll down your bolevards of broken dreams .

An oil field to far  !!!!!!! I am mad in de  head  !!!!!!!!  My heart has grown faint , my knees have begun to shake , I’m to far from my burning home ! My plans have all gone awry , and there is no one to save me know !

To those who are wise and still have some love left in their hearts and from wherever you call out to Him , He will remember His promises of old and gather you in . He will comfort you in whatever land you are a slave in .

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