VIA ReallyElijah’s Blog is a repost !!!!!!!


Oceans turned blood red was first posted on January 14 , 2010 . The cause of ocean turning blood red … A  RECENT   MANMADE   CATASTROPY  !!!!!!!  4 ( FOUR ) months later , BP’s  oil  well ( Deep Horizon ) blows and BECOMES that recent manmade catastropy  !!!!!!!

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2 Responses to “VIA ReallyElijah’s Blog is a repost !!!!!!!”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    Like I have been trying to tell for years and years … I give you TOMORROWS HEADLINES TODAY ! I give you next months headlines today !!!!!!!

  2. shelleydoldham Says:

    I have seen these things happen as they are told beforehand. Our Father is real and so are his prophets.

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