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The Bilderbergs And China !!!!!!!

August 30, 2010

Stalin and Mao , did they do their mothers proud ? Monsters , yet they were only following orders . For real this time , yeah , the Bilderbergs gave them their marching orders . Starve them , throw them into prison , and kill them there’s to many of them GOYIM ( USELESS F_CKING EATERS ) anyways !!!!!!!

China show us you will bow to the Bilderbergs and we will make you a great nation !!!!!!!!! We DECREE that your citizens can have only ONE child !!!!!!! Show us that you know we are G_D !!!!!!! Show us you can truely follow our dictates ! That The Rothschilds and Rockefellers are Supreme Deities and we will gift you with Super Computers,Nuclear Secrets,and Manufacturing wonders !!!!!!! How to make your missles fly further and carry heavier payloads ! Oh , and what we can give you to improve your guidance systems .

Yes, and we will let you attack and destroy the people you hate most , the ones we fear most about getting in our way( TWO times already) !

Yes, we are the MIGHTY  and  Strong , bend over and kiss our Ah Sols , and we will make you the Greatest Nation On The Earth ! When we KNOW you Love and Worship us . When we’re sure we own you lot stock and barrel we will turn you loose on the world , but do NOT harm The Holy Roman Empire in its final form , Protect your King !

Would you bite the hand that feeds you ? All those military secrets ? Manufacturing wonders ? How to build better nukes ? After we knocked down ALL trade barriers ? We made you and we can destroy you because you are Goyim beneath our  feet . It was not by your intellect or the mighty works of your hands that made you a great nation . It was by US raping the USA , and giving you their first and second born that have made you a great nation . Yeah , by The Jesuits , Masons, and Bilderbergs we gave you your might , but , just remember , you are nothing beneath our feet , and we’ll keep that  golden collar on your necks, as long as you keep WORSHIPPING  US  .Woof  woof when we say speak and go fetch us our paper in the appropriate time .

NWO,CFR,TC,and the Bilderbergs are the problem !!!!!!!

August 18, 2010

Of all the wars fought throughout history has their ever been a war where the poor have fought against the rich ? I understand that the poor couldn’t go to the Cabal of International bankers and say , ” We need to borrow a few billion to fight a war , and we need it at low interest ! ” Ha Ha Ha  ! Ha Ha Ha ! Ha Ha Ha !

But , you know what ? Its not funny and its exactly what needs to be done . Fight the rich bastards before they launch their insanity in full force against the masses . We have gone to war over the rich bastards insanity for at least 100 years now .

The goose stepping German Army proudly marches to war and seeks to exterminate the vermin in Europe . How grand ! How loving !

The USA leaves its calling card in Hamburg , Dresden , and Berlin , Incendiary bombs to truely start a HOLOCAUST .

The Japanesse go marching off to war . Oh how loving they were to their neighbor China . Give them some  Bubonic plague and do some demonic medical experiments on them . Treat the American soldiers with love by cutting off their private parts and shoving them in their dead mouths. Prisonors of war ,  well forget about it .

Gee the USA ‘s military did NOT run out of sacrifices to their deities.Incendiary bombs take to many plane loads , we have a special ordered for Hiroshema and Nagasaki . Shadows on the street made in broad daylight , Holocaust and more Holocaust !

Who funded WW1 and WW2 ? Gee trench foot ( Athelete’s foot) and poison bouquet for the troops , how sweet the smell . How do you love your neighbor so!

To think they teach us in schools  to be PROUD that we fought in those wars ! That we torched and killed all those innocent women and children ,  many of them as they slept in their beds . What was their crime ? Did we all do our mothers proud ?

Is it just old money that is bad and does the corrupting ? Did those rich bastards have to grow into their evil ? Become so powerful that they decided they’re above even Ceasar and that the nations have to bow down to them ? If you get rid of those rich bastards , will the new rich bastards be as bad or worse then the old bastards ?

Maybe the problem isn’t because of those rich bastards after all , but , the people for letting them have their evil ways . For not stopping them from having someone fire the first shot ? Did they have to have a DRAFT  to get troops for WW2 ?

Maybe now that we have our computers we can stop wars before they get beyond the planning stages , but , hey , aren’t we in Iraq and Afganistan right now ? Do men love war so ?

We won’t get fooled again !!!  No No No , WE  WON”T  GET  FOOLED  AGAIN !!!!!!! BOY , how many more wars have we been in since The Who first sang that song ? The sorry thing is is that the people will allow their governments to go to war again and again until nuclear bombs start the HOLOCAUSTS all over again .

Shouldn’t we fight our own governments before we allow the NUKES  to start flying ? What’d they do in Romania ? Did you ever think they’d tear down the Berlin Wall , rush KGB headquarters and set the place on fire ?!?! They did , you know . Stop the insanity and get your feet off our necks !

Do you really think the average Chinesse citizen hates us and wants to Nuke us ? The average person in Iran ? I think they’re more afraid of finding the means to feed their children and get them into good jobs then they are afraid of us . I think they hate their elected buttheads for making it so hard to raise their children then they hate us . You think they aren’t living from paycheck to paycheck just like us ? Trying to save for their childrens education just like us ? Worried that their government is getting out of control just like us ? Did Iran just have riots and rebellion in their streets against their own government ?

Are we having giant protest here in America ? Planning on many more ? Did the students in China demand more freedom and liberty ? Did they have a Kent State in Bejing ?

Seems to me that Greece has just had violent protest . There and across Europe . Don’t let our governments brainwash you all into going to war again and again and again . It won’t solve nothing but the rich bastards agendas.

The people are rising up and protesting against their own governments because across the world they are out of control , deaf and dumb to the concerns and problems of their citizens . The governments are in lock step to the agenda of the Bilderbergs . Gasoline burning engines versus hydrogen fuel cells and its not even a fair fight . Rockefellors oil knocks out hydrogen everytime .

The rich bastards rights to start wars and create HOLOCAUSTS tramples the rights of the poor . How can the billions of poor people let them have their way again and again and again ? What are you afraid of losing your homes ? Come on look at the foreclosures !!!!!! Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae !!!!!!!! You all won’t have anything more to lose when your a shadow on the pavement in broad daylight well you ? Or could you live with yourself if your country fires Nukes on Our Mother’s Children wherever they live ?

Iowa FLOODING 2010 !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

What is wrong with you IOWANS ? Don’t you all know how to pray ? Who to pray to ? Any of you have any faith at all . I mean other than in HOGS and Homosexuals ? You all gonna get washed away in the floods ? What’s with the 500 year flood events every TWO years ? You all piss your Creator off or something ?
Well, let me tell you all something . When you walk CONTRARY to your Messiah,heavenly Father,and Creator after all He has done for you all . After all He has shown you all . Don’t you suppose your FATHER isn’t going to spank you hard ? After 21 spankings and you still walk CONTRARY to HIM don’t you all suppose HE is really going to act with WRATHFUL HOSTILITY against you all Leviticus 26:28-30 . WALK CONTRARY TO YOU ALL IN A FURY ?!?!
I know you all know about a loving Messiah is , but , did you ever consider what a FURIOUS MESSIAH would be like ? What a FURIOUS Messiah would do to your homes , cities , and state ? You think He is through walking contrary to you all in a FURY ? Think again !!!!!!! Have you all put on sackcloth and wailed for Him to relent ? Have you all relented ? Repented ?

Des Moines FLOODING !!!!!!!

August 14, 2010

Nah Nah Nah Nah Nah Governor Chet Culver , when are ya gonna learn ? Iowa News didn’t run my comments , since I haven’t gotten any feedback . What a shame . They didn’t want their readers to have a chance to see our heavenly Father , Joshua at work giving them sure signs . The article was on flooding in Des Moines and they said that Des Moines had suffered Two days of heavy rain and that the area was expecting another round of rain that night , but , that the rivers could take it .

I said in my comment , ” Isn’t that what they said about the Titanic ? That NOT even G_D could sink her ? I wrote about my court visit in Iowa City in 2003 where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet of the Most High Case No.SRCRO66132 State of Iowa Vs (G_D) James Oldham. How in my Motion to Dismiss after being denied Diplomatic Immunity in spite of all my letters to elected officials that had hundreds of prophesies that all came to pass and other court papers from Melbourne, Fl in Dec of 1998 , I put a CURSE on Iowa of  MANY  PLAGUES ( More than 10, more than 10o  !!!!!!!  Play CLUMSY for me Ha Ha Ha I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud … and ya really need a FRIEND ( I hope you chose the right Messiah out of the over 1001 false messiahs out there being preached in over 1001 different BRANDS of Christianity out there !!!!!!!)

12 Inches of rain is not enuf to get through their thick sculls !

August 11, 2010

Well  tonight  tonight  tonight  OLDHAM well  tonight  tonight  tonight OLDHAM  !!! Well Chet yeah Governor Culver scream for my arrest today after the rains broke DesMoinse ?


August 10, 2010

How long well you allow your people to suffer Governor Chet Culver ? How long President Obama ? How long people of the USA ? How long people of the world ? I asked you a question a few years back and am still waiting for your answer . You think by ignoring me that our heavenly Father , Joshua IsReal will ignore  you and the people of Iowa ? Let you all off the hook ? No ! He’s carving ya all up, isolating communities and smashing you all into potsherds ! How many dams will break ? How many leevees fail ? What about FLU  SEASON that is right around the corner ? How many  MORE   PLAGUES  will a  FURIOUS  MESSIAH  send your way ? Leviticus 26:27-30 All that has already been accomplished up to this day 25 years of me writting prophetic letters that have all come  to  pass that I sent to elected buttheads , newspapers, TV stations, and radio stations. So now …

Yet in spite of all this , you do not obey Me , but act with hostility against Me, then I will act with  WRATHFUL  HOSTILITY  against you: and I will punish you  SEVEN  TIMES  for your sins. Further , you shall eat the flesh of your sons and  the flesh of your daughters you shall eat.I then will destroy your high places and cut down your incense altars , and heap your remains on the remains of your idols; for MY soul shall abhor you .

Eygypt was an example to the world .

August 3, 2010

So is Iowa an example to the USA and the world . See how our Messiah is smashing Iowa into POTSHERD . Stretch out YOUR mighty ARM Joshua IsReal and smash them GOOD !!!!!!! Show them and the world what it means to walk contrary to YOU !!!!!!! Show us what walking against them in a FURY is all about !!!!!!! Show your rebellious children who they should listen to and fear . Proverbs 1:7 Fear of our Messiah is the beginning of understanding !!!!!!! 700 PLAGUES OF IOWA !!!!!!!

Omaha , Atlantic , DesMoinse Express ! Oh My !!!!!!!

August 3, 2010

Whole lotta rockin goin on in Iowa tonight ! Didn’t I just write this awhile ago ? Oh Yeah , last night ! Governor Chet Culver of Iowa we gotta stop meetin like this . It all seems to be a one way conversation though . A lot like your rantin and ravin trying to get through to your FAKE  Deity whoever the hell it is . You aught to try picking a different Messiah to pray to Chet that one doesn’t seem to be workin for ya . But don’t worry there’s at least5 a 1000 more Messiahs to choose from . Hey , three guesses for a nickle as to which ONE the righht ONE is . I know how you have been fighting to raise your leevees and strengthen them and all , and I know how much you are praying that our heavenly Father spares Iowa from those 500 year flood events that seem to be happening every few years now . Ha  !!!  How’s your signing coming along ? You try putting your petitions to  your deity in Braille now ? Try screaming and jumping on one leg Chet , an maybe that well work for ya . Ask  Senator Grassley for a copy of the letter I wrote him about who the REAL  MESSIAH  is . Study it and pray about what I wrote him and then maybe you’ll relent and repent , put on sackcloth and yell , cry , and beg our HOLY  REDEEMER  for forgiveness . Then ya can ask your fellow Iowans to put on sackcloth and pray for forgiveness and an end to the plagues I sent your way . Yeah read my Motion to Dismiss and my letter to former Governor Vilsack . Ask for transcripts of  my court appearence in Iowa City , Case No. SRCRO66132 where I demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a parrot of the Most High , Joshua IsReal . Study all my letters and documents and you’ll be on your way to picking the right Messiah out of the over 1001 different Messiahs being taught in over a 1001 different ” BRANDS ” of Christian churches out there .

If not , well try putting Our Lady Of Peace on , you know which song by now don’t ya Chet ? Yeah , Clumsy !!!!!!!

I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or LOUD  !!!!!!! And ya really need a FRIEND ( The HOLY  REDEEMER , Joshua IsReal ) !!!!!!!  There’s really nothing funny about this ( Try jumping up and down and shakin like a lunatic havin grand Seizure and rollin around in the thorne bushes to get through to your deaf , dumb , and blind deity you’ve been prayin to ) I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream …  and  Jim Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham   and  Jim  Oldham and  Jim  Oldham  and Jim OldHAM  ( Iowa Vs Jim Oldham , a parrot ) .


August 3, 2010

How angry can YA  get  ?  Go for it  JOSHUA  IsReal . Sock it to em. a parrot  P.S.  I’ll be wavin my hand watchin ya drown watchin ya scream quiet or loud.

Hole Lot of Rocking Going on in Iowa Tonight !

August 3, 2010

Oh MY are those super Cells on the March into DesMoinse , Iowa City , and  A Big Chunk Of Iowa ? Hey Chet ! Governor Culver ! Do you remember the question I asked ya a while back ? Your favorite wet screeching parrot , jim

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