DesMoines FLOODING and Governor Culver



I’m tired of telling ya , ” I TOLD  YA  SO ! ” I’m tired of asking you if you have learned BRAILLE or learned to use sign language to get through to your deaf and dumb DEITY , whoever the hell it is your praying to , cause as I said before, ” Don’t think that JOSHUA  ISREAL is through with you and the people in your State !!!!!!! ” Remember that Motion To Dismiss I entered into your courtroom in Iowa City in 2003 ? Yeah the one that says , ” ALL  I  CAN  DO  IS  PRAY  FOR  MANY  PLAGUES  UPON  YOU  ALL  !!!!!!! ” Then I backed that up by sending a letter to Governor Vilsack warning him that how his constituents fair is on his shoulders and how he deals with this letter , and that he and Senator Grassley can never again say that I DIDN’t KNOW . Cause you all do . WALK CONTRARY  TO  THE  PEOPLE  OF  IOWA  IN  A  FURY , JOSHUA , THE  LAMB , and HOLY  REDEEMER .  SHOW  THEM  ALL  WHO  THEY  SHOULD  BE  PRAYING  TO , FEARING , AND  LISTENING  TO . WHO  IT  IS  THAT  THEY  SHOULD  BE  GIVING  ALL  GLORY  TO .

Aren’t you tired yet , Chet , jumping up and down signing and putting petition in Braille to your deaf and dumb deity you’ve been praying to ?

Get mad at Visack, Bush , Grassley , and your local newspapers in Iowa for refusing to acknowledge the prophecies and warnings sent to them by me way ahead of the PLAGUES to visit the people of Iowa and how they deny the GLORY of your FATHER when He fullfills those warnings and prophecies . How they denied the people of seeing  sure signs from heaven so they’d know who the right Messiah is to pray to out of the over 10,001 false Messiahs out there in over a 10,001 DIFFERENT  ” BRANDS ” of Christianity to choose from .

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One Response to “DesMoines FLOODING and Governor Culver”

  1. James Oldham Says:

    TORNADOES , HAIL , and FLOODS , OH MY !!!!!!! Come on Culver do something ! Pray real loud cause maybe your deity is whispering ( HISSSSSSSING ) to Eve in the garden .

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