Look to Rome and Germany one more time , for the FINAL  revival of the Holy Roman Empire is upon us . Don’t make the mistake of thinking the FOUR  BEAST are not ROME all wrapped in one . For Rome is the Greek , Persian and Mede empire,and the Chaldean empire all wrapped into one.They took all the lands of these former empires and all its accomplishments.

Don’t let the USA be its child . We left Europe to get away from Rome and all its wars against Faith as be a matter of CONSCIOUS  choice . We broke the bonds of being SERFS  and SLAVES and declared We  The  People  SOVEREIGNS  ALL  , kings and queens with none higher than our CREATOR  !!!!!!!  Did we not fight against Germany and Rome in TWO  world wars for a reason ?

One more revival of the Holy Roman Empire , ONE  MORE  GREAT  MARTYRDOM  TO  COME !!!!!!!

How long oh Father great and true until you avenge us of our blood ? Not until the full measure of  the vial of ALL the blood of the martyr’s( Saints) has been fullfilled !!!!!!!

Rome is that woman that rides the beast , the European Empire headed by GERMANY again !!!!!!!

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