Revelations 13:4   WHO  IS  LIKE  THE  BEAST ? Who can make war against him ?  It can’t be outrun !  It can’t be outdone ! God bless us everyone ! ( LINKIN  PARK  Catalyst )We’rer broken people living under a loaded gun ! … and we’re all gonna burn under a thousand suns ( Nuclear4 bombs and then when the earth turns into a sun because of cHErnobyLL ) !!!! We’re gonna burn for the sins of our tongues !  For the sins of our father’s and our young! were gonna burn for the works of our HANDS ( Stealth fighters,bombers,nuclear submarines,aircraft carriers,Abrahms tanks,Cruise missles and all our bombs,FOR  DEPLETED  URANIUM SHELLS,and every horrible work of our hands ) THAT we say it is NOT cause of the blessing of our FATHER , but , the mighty works of our hands ( The same hands that are placed on our hearts or with elbows bent and wrist staright that we worship the rectangular woven works of our hands when ever ALL kinds of music sounds , the drums,flutes,psalmiters,sackbutts,etc ).

Where is Meshach , Shadrach , and Abed-Nego when wqe need them ? Don’t submit , not even passively , don’t bow down , and don’t put your hand over your heart given blessing to all the blood being shed in the name of DEMONocracy !

Thank  You  Linkin Park  for filling me with hope when I most needed a friend . Hope that my time was NOT wasted ! That someone recognised my words as those of our FATHER  and me being mearly the messenger that repeats them , our FATHER’s wet screeching parrot,jim oldham .

Catalyst and Messenger  by  LINKIN  PARK .  Lift me up let me go LIFT  ME  UP  LET  ME  GO  ( The background singers sing old  ham  ,  old  ham ,  oldham at least 12 times , This in catalyst) !!!!!!! REMEMBER  YOUR  LOVED  AND  ALWAYS  WILL  BE  !!!! Those angels voices , they’ll sing to you and guide you back home ( HUMANS are the 1/3 of the fallen angels ) When life leaves us blind LOVE  KEEPS  US  KIND !!!!!!! at the end of the song about 4 or 5 OLDHAM ‘s , the last one the plainest of all !!!!!!!  My time has not been wasted and my blog’s at https://reallyelijah.wordpress.com and http://elijahscrying.wordpress.com  and my website at http://JamesOldham.com are the INSPIRATION FOR  LINKIN  PARK’s  a thousand suns  !!!!!!! to bads they didn’t say 1001 Sons , yeah 1001 Messiahs , THREE guesses for a nickle to pick the right ONE , step right up and make a spectacle of yourself !!!!!!!

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