Letter dated April 13th 1985 from James Oldham

Dear President Reagan,

I’m finally writting you cause our Sheppard has stirred our hearts . I write to you cause I know you know His Voice . We must right the wrongs done to our mother’s children . The ones we sent to Nam and Honduras who didn’t return , and the ones who came back but not whole , either in body or in spirit .

We must honor our vets . What would happen if we had a war and nobody showed up ? The veterans may exist on a few good men , but this nation needs more . HONOR  OUR  VETS , and they will begin to wash the blood from their hands with everyones tears .

Where were the ticker tape parades for our fighting heroes ? In the court room with Lt Calley ? Where were the jobs that were promised to our vets ? Have they been taken care of when they visited the V.A. Hospitals with the spots and blemishes on their skin from the horrors of war ?

How can a young man forget his past ? By giving him a good future filled with at least half of the respect and honor that he had when he arrived in Nam .

We have given our Vets a taste of bitter memories that they can’t forget . And now our WWII vets are crying for help ; Their bodies being eaten by the promise of Einstein , the bomb , the war that will end all wars ! Where is the peace ?In Central America ? In Afganistan ? In Cambodia ? In the Falkland Islands ?  NO   !

Their will always be war and rumors of war . Who will fight these wars ? Honor our Vets . Give them the ticker tape parades , make heroes out of our Nam Vets not scapegoats in our courts . Give them back their HONOR  so that their wounds would be healed . Our Forefathers are better people then us . They , with God’s help and direction , laid the foundations of this country . Gave us RIGHTS that we have forever fought for . IN  GOD  WE  TRUST ?!?!  Or just the paper that buys the drugs to forget ? They do NOT  forget !

Russia knows who its enemy is , they know that it isn’t us . THEY  MEET  TO  SHAKE  HANDS  CAUSE  FRIENDS  DON’T  BLOW  EACH  OTHER  UP .

Raise the speed limit back to 70 . Give money to those who wish to dominate the world . They are killing each other now . A HOUSE  DIVIDED  CAN  NOT  STAND . Help them to fall .

Raise taxes but cut the interest rates , ( Prime lending rate in half ) . This will give more to the people than you take away . You can have a balanced budget before you leave office . Cut the interest rate in half also for all the third world countries lest they fall and take us with them .

HONOR  our mothers children , the children of our Forefathers . Make right their paths of this nation and we will come together .

Our mothers children are held accountable for their actions , Ford Motor Company is held accountable . It is time that our country be held accountable ! Our children that have been killed or damaged because of this country must have legal recourse in the courts .

Our  CONSTITUTION  protects EVERYONE in the pursuit of their RIGHTS . This makes our country  GOOD . What makes our country bad is when these  RIGHTS  are circumvented .

For those that feel  PRAYER  is the answer to aggressors , LET   THEM   PRAY . For those who meet aggressors with bayonet , let them stab them . These are  RIGHTS   guaranteed in the CONSTITUTION , in the military regulations , and in the hearts of our Mothers Children . God put you in office and may God be with you .


                                                      James R  Oldham  4/13/85

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