Moore Justice Center ; Showdown In Vierra !!!!!!! (via Reallyelijah’s Blog)


Whose court is this?Who pays the judges checks?The OPM Office of Personnel Management from the IMF who the Rothschilds , Rockefellers , and the Vatican/2Popes Nicolas and Ratzinger control . The Popes and their AGENTS control the IMF , World Bank , and the United Nations . The Beast may be United Europe bullied by Germany ( The Protector of the Holy ( Nothing holy here) Roman Empire , but , who rides that beast ? Who controls which way the beast goes ? The dragon ( Satan or the devil) gave the beast its authority and rule over every tribe,tongue,and nation , and the HARLOT that rides the beast and controls where and what it does is the Vatican/2 Popes . King John gave the Pope all its lands and possessions , which included the United States in the Treaty of 1213 with Pope Innocent III . Then after the Vatican through their flunkies the Rothschilds and Rockefellers set up the Federal Reserve in 1913 . It only took 20 years for the Federal Reserve to make the USA file bankruptcy !!!!!!! Who do you think was the receivors of that bankruptcy ? Yes , the Vatican and their AGENTS , those high contracting parties..Now for sure we have no nation or Constitution but in NAME ONLY !!!!!!! The new law of the land Babylonian Talmud Law , admiralty/maritime law , Roman Civil Law , UCC , and Divine Right of Kings ( The Popes being King of Kings ) ! Like MAGIC the Law can change while your standing there before the bench ! Don’t submit , you have but ONE JUDGE your FATHER (and HE is not one of those popes ) !!!!!!!

Justice Center ? How can you receive justice in a DEN OF THIEVES  ? Oh please grant me mercy . May I kiss your ring ? Your ass ? The hem of your long black robe ? A   LIAR  wrote the citation to get me there and a thief in a long black robe is going to judge me > NOT !  On Oct 15 th at 9:00 AM we shall see . Father , our Creator and Messiah , Holy ONE of IsReal , You saved me once , please save me again from the ridicule and scorn I have born … Read More

via Reallyelijah's Blog

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