Jump up and down like a bunch of spear chuckers from Africa ! Celebrate your freedom while raping those chucking Americans  !!!!!!  Keep bombing those ” Christian ” churches and keep killing and running those ” Christians ” out of Iraq and the rest of the middle east ! OH  MY , you all are on such a roll !  You are all so scarey , why , I’m shaking in my sandals ! Topple your governments and replace them ALL with what ? Your morality ? Your sense of decency and dignity ? Where is it ? With the blood that flows out of all the necks you all have sliced ? Oh , kill some more ! Let the blood of the infidels flow !!!!!!!

You say , where is America ? Her mighty missles and tanks ? We have beaten her and broken the pride of Her power ! Have you now ? You taking credit for what our heavenly Father has wrought ? For what He has declared ? He whistles from afar and says come take this nation and that one and it is taken . He says for this one to stand and it stands ! For this throne not to be toppled and it stands to this day . But , what have you accomplished  other than the spilling of innocent blood ?

You should have plugged your oil wells and lived with your sheep . The money from that ” BLACK  MAGIC ” has destroyed your kingdoms and is tarnishing  and twisting your souls ever further . Can you buy eternity ? Make peace with the devil ? Buy the innocent children and make them your toys ? How old is to old for me you say ? Why wait for 70 virgins when you can have them all now ! Where is you FATHER in all this ? Are the folks in the Sudan to dark for your taste ? Better to empty the land and restock it  ? Cull the herd !!!!!!! Listen to your WHITE  MASTERS  and what they command .

You’ve lost your fear of America and you run around like unruly spoiled children. What can we break ? Who can stop us now ? No one can teach us anything new ? We are the land , we own it !!!!!!!

You all should have listened better in school . Paid better attention to your history teachers . Cause you are about to relearn a terrible lesson . If you were the land the blood soaked sand would have cried out to you . Stop the foolish children from their FOLLY  !!!!!!! You well soon be looking into the eye of the ruler of this land you call your own and you well wish a thousand times that you didn’t have to look into it again .

When was the last time Jerusalem ran with rivers of blood ? From Eygypt , Syria , and Lebanon ? When was the last time you had to wade through blood in  Israel ? Oh , you are starting to tremble now are ya ? Just knowing that it well be Muslim blood that flows in those streets again !!!!!!! You are provoking the greatest beast this world has ever seen to anger . No !  To  a  BLOOD  LUST that well not be quenched till it has been utterly burned with fire ! That BEAST well come your way first and once your blood has chummed the waters it well turn on the rest of the world in such violence and in such a whirlwind every head will spin !!!!!!! Your eyes and flesh well dissolve from your body from one step to the next ; but , that well be your comfort , and escape from the INQUISITIONS , TORTURE , AND BURNINGS . Do you not know how they dealt with those German Jews that you say never happened ? Yeah , when they are through with ya to the OVENS  or Coliseums  you go ! Bright suns over your cities to !

You really think you can hasten the coming of our FURIOUS  MESSIAH  ? He already prayed that THOSE  DAYS  WOULD  BE  SHORTENED  OR  THERE  WOULD  BE  NO  FLESH  LEFT  TO  SAVE  !!!!!!! You really think you are doing your own bidding here ? That this is all part of your great wisdom to incite the most bloodthirstiest BEAST this world has ever witnessed ? OH  MY  !!!!!!!  How the POPE well dig his heals into the sides of GERMANY and rest of her DUPES and direct her to the HOLY  LANDS , IRAN , and Eygypt !!!!!!! Did I hear CRUSADE  II  ? or III  ?

There is  ONLY  ONE  WAY  TO  PARADISE and that is through the SON  OF  MAN , our  FURIOUS  MESSIAH ,  Joshua  IsReal , the ONLY  HOLY  REDEEMER , WHOSE  Holy Blood is the ONLY  BLOOD  TO  WASH  AWAY  OUR  SINS .

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  1. James Oldham Says:

    But where well All_h and his slaves reside ? What kingdom well he and his slaves be ? The one that is a lake of fire and brimestone ?

  2. James Oldham Says:

    You forgot who your TRUE ENEMY is , the ones that killed 50 million ” Christians ” in the Dark Ages , burned at the stake the followers of Luther, and we won’t even count the murdered martyrs in the Coliseums of Rome . When they came tore down the Temple and went after Jews and Christians with a vengence . The most DIABOLICAL BLOODTHIRSTY BEAST that ever rose its ugly head . Now you all can witness the seventh and final REVIVAL of that Holy Roman Empire with the 2 Popes digging their heels into Germany sides and direct here and there . DEon’t you know the Popes are the devils representatives on this earth ? For the dragon gave her her power and authority .

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