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MELTDOWN , cHErnobyLL , and Japan

March 18, 2011

In  1986 as I watched whatever coverage of Chernobyl I could find , His Holy Spirit kept me ZEROed  IN to events . I read every background radiation report daily until about 2 weeks after the accident they stopped publishing them in the paper . The last published report said that the level is 30 TIMES normal . That’s not what astounded me , it was when we should have been given daily if not twice daily reports they stopped reporting the background radiation readings  !!!!!!! about 7 months later when I now lived in Pagosa Springs , CO  I called the Dept of EPA  and asked what the background radiation levels were. He asked me if I was a rancher or a Real Estate Broker , and I said , ” No , I’m just a dad with kids and think it a prudent thing to know so that I could make an informed decision . Well , I don’t understand , he said , no one but one college student has ever asked , but , wait , we just got some information on this and if you would give me your name and address , I’ll send it to you . Yes , thanks , and what’s your social security number . I knew I was being put on his list , but , gave him my social security number anyways . I just hope that whoever he sent would step on the toes of those who were already ” Checking me out ” . You know I never got anything in the mail either .

Now , about a year later while living in Clarksville , TN , I read in the paper and see on TV people protesting at the Cape about Project Galileo and the TWO reactors onboard . Nasa for the FIRST time says, hey , this isn’t the first launch of nuclear reactors , its been done several times before and is completely safe ! Wow , a forthright  admission to show how cooperative and open they are at the Cape ! Just stand aside and watch this baby go up !

Then I see an article from a NASA employee complaining about the shuttle and wishing we had the old Saturn rockets with their throw weights and speed to get that satelittes to Jupiter QUICK . What’s the hurry ? We just had voyager 1 and 2 flyby giving scientist years of info to unravel . Did I mention that Project Galileo became priority number one and all other projects were pushed aside or put on hold and that they called her the ROLLS  ROYCE of satelittes costing mega bucks when NASA was experiencing budget constraints and groaning about slowing down their programs.

Why Jupiter ? Why the rush ? What’s got their panties in a knot ? Gee , a lot of  physicist work at the cape and have a good idea about fusion , fission , and how the sun works and they could send a probe to the center of the earth to see if what weapons grade uranium would do if it got to the center of the earth . How about using Jupiter instead ? Drop a reactor into Jupiter , its all gas and well get to the center quick enough . Was it weapons grade uranium in that reactor or probe they sent into the atmosphere ? Did friction burn it up ? What went wrong ? Now they have 23 pounds of plutonium out there on Calypso . Is that weapons grade ? says that the reactor #4 at Chernobyl had 190  TONS  of uranium and plutonium . It was a BREEDER  Reactor for enriching uranium and plutonium , yeah a super enrichment plant . There are only a few of these on the whole planet . The plant also makes Tritium a gas that gives nuke a bigger punch . How much of that 190 Tons is weapons grade uranium ? 50,000 pounds ? 100,000 pounds ? What about the plutonium the Swedes reported was also in the dust cloud ? Someone I spoke to at the Wise site said that Russian Miners under extreme risk tunneled under the reactor and stopped the cores descent . Really ? What they put under it to stop it ? I mean once it reached its max temp and melted through steel and concrete and acted like the graphite wasn’t even there and well eat throw granite and anything else it encounters , I know this is a big lie meant to alieviate any concerns about a run away core , running or eating its way into the bowels of the earth.

Don’t forget that President Reagan said that our satelittes showed TWO reactors on fire on national  TV . Are we talking 380 TONS  instead of just 190  TONS  ? Minus the over 8 TONS that was blasted into the atmosphere after it vaporized a 1000  TON steel cover plate and ripped off the tops of  1661 channel , that contained the uranium and plutonium , turning those rods into 1661 howitzers pointed at the sky. Report from the Symposium at Vienna in August of 1986 from the Toledo Blade , Tuesday , September 23 , 1986   ,  Page   2  .

How many of you watched a documentary on TV about the Chernobyl accident where they said that they drilled throughh the containment vessel or reactor and sent a robot with a camera to look inside the reactor ? The view was a hole that went down as far as the camera could show  !!!!!!!  Where’d all that uranium and plutonium go ?  GLENN   BECK  said that there is NO  SUCH  THING  AS  THE  CHINA  EFFECT  OR  SYNDROME  !!!!!!!  Just like he said there are NO  FEMA  camps or evil induction centers , and anyone that has any questions concerning 911 is a screw ball radical idiot ( I must be exaggerating here aint I ? ) . I also heard him say that the PATRIOT  ACT is a good thing and he is ALL for it  . Gee , what well 50 million buy now a days ? He loves his pats on the back and he has received his reward here on this earth . He should have stored his treasures in heaven where the fires of cHErnobyLL can’t burn .

What would I gain if all this is true ? What have I ever received for what I have freely given just as I freely recieved ?

Ask yourself this . Where can you run to ? Where can you hide if the earth turns into a sun ? A Lake of Fire and Brimestone ? Where it is man and the devil who has given us our punishment for our sins ? Have you answered the devils question yet ? Why not worship me ? Do things my way for a change ? Remeber our Messiah , Joshua IsReal said , ” This is  NOT my kingdom … ! ” He gave it to Adam . All that swims in the oceans , crawls on the ground , and flies in the air . Our Messiah is NOT a Indian Giver . Why meet Him in the clouds if His kingdom is going to be on this earth ? Why say there is going to be a NEW Jerusalem and a NEW  Earth that comes from heaven ?Why do witches and worshippers of satan use a star within a circle of the earth ? Why did the Simpsons show a blue and green earth with a suns corona around it on a poster with the words , ‘ SOMEBODY  TALKED ” in the episode where Bart is being picked on and he is just enterring the clubhouse where he is going to be taught to defend himself ? Why all the lies and misdirsection ? Shouldn’t we ALL have the opportunity to get right with our Creator before such an event takes place … just as a fig tree turn green we know that summer is approaching , so shall we KNOW  THAT  THE   END  IS  NEAR . So , run ! Don’t stop to get your coat run to a mountain or holy place in your life !

Isaiah 33 : 14  The sinners in Zion are afraid ; Fearfulness has seized the hypocrites : ” Who among us shall dwell with the devouring fire ? Who among us shall dwell with everlasting burnings ? ”

No where to hide and to escape the fire you must run to Him that Created you and loves you .

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