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Good Friday , Passover , Feast Of Unleavened Bread , and Easter

April 23, 2011

First off lets get rid of Good Friday and Easter cause they are Pagan Holidays and not to be found in the Bible , but , are directly related to the Passover Feast . The very first feast of the year , the promise of The LAMB or Holy REDEEMER being born as the Son Of Man and being murdered as our Sin Offerring . In the beginning G_d created the heavens and the earth ……. In the beginning was the WORD and the WORD was with G_d , and the WORD was G_d . The WORD , the laws and commandments was made flesh … He went to His own but they would NOT except Him , but to ALL that did He gave them the power to become sons and daughters of G_d  !!!!!!!  How many times throughout the Gospels does HE say , ” The heaven and earth WILL  PASS  AWAY , but  MY  WORDS  will  NEVER pass away ” ?

Matthew 5 :17-20 says the same ! Do NOT be confused ( By Luke and Paul )   I   DID   NOT   COME   TO   DO   AWAY   WITH   THE   LAW ( Or commandments ) …. Not one letter or word shall pass from the law UNTIL  THE  HEAVEN  AND  EARTH  PASS  AWAY  and ALL is fullfilled ( has He returned yet ? Dealt with those that are destroying the earth ? Judged us ? Let loose the seven seals,trumpets, and vials ? ) Your righteousness better exceed the righteousness of the Pharisees and scribes or you will NOT enter heaven . This is  HIS  words  , red letters  !!!!!!!  Who the hell is Luke to come along and so soon contradict them ? In as much saying that our Messiah didn’t have a clue ! Didn’t know what HE was talking about cause in Acts 15:23-29 Luke throws away 8 of 10 commandments and over 600 laws , almost ALL of them !!!!!!!!

Why even grant this man who was NOT a disciple and never seen our Messiah   GOSPEL  AUTHORITY  ?  He plainly contradicts the other  GOSPEL  accounts especially about the TWO thieves crucified with our Messiah , Joshua and the filling of the Holy Spirit . Is it that BOTH thieves blasphemed Joshua or was Luke right who wasn’t there and never seen HIM  ? Is Luke right in Acts2:2 with a mighty wind and FORKED   TONGUES   of flame ? Or is John right in John20:20-22 … and Joshua breathed on them and said receive the Holy Spirit … Just like Genesis  2:7 G_d ( Joshua ) made Adam from the dust of the earth and breathed into his nostrils and he became a living soul  ? I’d bet my soul on John’s account of the filling of the Holy Spirit . I’d also bet the farm on Matthew’s account about the law and commandments being in effect ubtil after the heaven and the earth pass away . Enough about Luke , but since he introduced his patient and boss , Paul , lets take a look at him.

Oh wretched man that I am … I’m the chiefest sinner … The law is a Grievious burden to great to bear , so don’t even try …if I can’t bear it how could you … FIRST , the laws aren’t a burden . I keep them and love them , they are sure footing in muddy ground a safe port in every storm , my delight in knowing I have a sure compass and directions to get me to HIS  feet  !!!!!!!   1 John 5 : 3  This  is the love of our Messiah ( The greatest commandment ) when  we  keep  HIS  commandments and they are  NOT   BURDENSOME  .  I keep them cause I love the LAW GIVER who gave them to Moses . I keep them cause they make sense and are full of life . I keep them to show HIM  I’m listening and love  HIM .

Paul goes on to boldly state in spite of our Messiahs words of  Matthew 5 : 17-20 … I  DID  NOT  COME  TO  DO  AWAY  WITH  THE  LAW  …    that  we  are  not  under  law  but  grace  !  Paul are you trying to tell us that our Messiah is full of it ? That  HE  is  a  LIAR  ?  Confused ?  Deranged ?  You hate the Law ( Joshua who is the law made flesh ) . You say there was not death until the law came . That sin leads to death and we would not know sin but because of the law . That the law is only good for death and was nailed to a tree and died !!!!!!!  Hoorah , WHEW our Creator is only good for death  !!!!!!!  HOLD  ON  PAUL !  STOP  !!!!!!!  WHAT  WAS  RESURRECTED   ???????  What was found to be without spot or blemish ? Perfect and good and wonderful ???????  FULL   OF   LIFE   ???????  FULL  OF  MERCY  , COMPASSION ,  and  LOVINGTENDERKINDNESS  ???????  THOSE  LAWS  AND  COMMANDENTS  THAT   WERE   MADE   FLESH   AND  ARE  G_D  !!!!!!!

The  ONLY  group of people I could find in the Bible who are like Luke and Paul  are  those  murmurrers in the dessert ( Wilderness ) who said , ”  WE  HAVE  ENTERRED  INTO  A  COVENANT  OF  DEATH ( Sheol ) . Snakes rose up and bit them  ALL  .


April 18, 2011

How long have I been posting to you all floods, tornadoes, hail , droughts . and hurricanes ? About kingdoms falling apart ? On the meathook ready to be carved up ? Earthquakes ? Prophecies about these things coming your way ? How I asked our Messiah to pay perticular attention to the South’s State Capitals ? Song requests for Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY ? Just go back over the past FOUR  YEARS  on  this  blog . I understand Iowa has another new Governor . Well who ever you are get ready to be blasted by me and our FURIOUS  MESSIAH , JOSHUA  ISREAL . I suggest you start learning to sign and take classes on Braille .

The rest of the country can get used to a very destructive hurricane season . As for TORNADOES there’ll be so many powerful ones dropping out of the clouds you’d think they’re raindrops and be incapable of counting them all . Why ? So you all can get knocked off your fences and fall one way or the other . I will spew you out of MY  mouth !!!!!!! For SEVEN more plagues , that was years ago !!!!!!!  Your in for it . End of paragraph ! You all have walked contrary to our Messiah for years and years in spite of all the warnings HE has delivered to you all . Whether in your Newspapers,Elected Buttheads,or in your courts.

IOWA , you are in the target. DC  how could you escape a FURIOUS  MESSIAH ? A  FURIOUS  LAMB ? Brevard County Florida and the State of Florida , you are really in for it . If half of what was delivered to you was accomplished in Sodom it would be here to this day . You are worse the the AQmalekites and will NOT fear your CREATOR , no matter what HE does . You wanna talk EARTHQUAKES ? I’ll give you earthquakes !!!!!!!  I’ll smash you all to POTSHERDS .

IOWA , I played for you but you wouldn’t dance.

April 18, 2011

How’s that song go by Our Lady Of Peace , Clumsy ? Oh yeah ,  I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud , while we watch The Passion Of Christ on this lovely Passover . You really do need a FRIEND  !!!!!!!   Hopefully you pick the right ONE out of the over 1001  False Messiahs out there being preached in over 1001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS of ” Christianity being preached out there . 3 Guesses for a nickle  , step right up and make a SPECTACLE of yourself ……… and   Jim   Oldham   and  Jim   Oldham   and  Jim   Oldham     and   Jim   OLdham    and   Jim   Oldham !

Wait till it warms up some  more so our FATHER  can cook  you  all  up  some  real  good  thunderstorms filled with all kinds of goodies bought to you all  by  a  FURIOUS  MESSIAH  ,  Yeah  A  FURIOUS  LAMB  of  26 : 28  .  hey  ya better hope you never see verse 29  !!!!!!!

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