How long have I been posting to you all floods, tornadoes, hail , droughts . and hurricanes ? About kingdoms falling apart ? On the meathook ready to be carved up ? Earthquakes ? Prophecies about these things coming your way ? How I asked our Messiah to pay perticular attention to the South’s State Capitals ? Song requests for Our Lady Of Peace , CLUMSY ? Just go back over the past FOUR  YEARS  on  this  blog . I understand Iowa has another new Governor . Well who ever you are get ready to be blasted by me and our FURIOUS  MESSIAH , JOSHUA  ISREAL . I suggest you start learning to sign and take classes on Braille .

The rest of the country can get used to a very destructive hurricane season . As for TORNADOES there’ll be so many powerful ones dropping out of the clouds you’d think they’re raindrops and be incapable of counting them all . Why ? So you all can get knocked off your fences and fall one way or the other . I will spew you out of MY  mouth !!!!!!! For SEVEN more plagues , that was years ago !!!!!!!  Your in for it . End of paragraph ! You all have walked contrary to our Messiah for years and years in spite of all the warnings HE has delivered to you all . Whether in your Newspapers,Elected Buttheads,or in your courts.

IOWA , you are in the target. DC  how could you escape a FURIOUS  MESSIAH ? A  FURIOUS  LAMB ? Brevard County Florida and the State of Florida , you are really in for it . If half of what was delivered to you was accomplished in Sodom it would be here to this day . You are worse the the AQmalekites and will NOT fear your CREATOR , no matter what HE does . You wanna talk EARTHQUAKES ? I’ll give you earthquakes !!!!!!!  I’ll smash you all to POTSHERDS .

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