IOWA , I played for you but you wouldn’t dance.


How’s that song go by Our Lady Of Peace , Clumsy ? Oh yeah ,  I’ll be watchin ya drown wavin my hand watchin ya scream quiet or loud , while we watch The Passion Of Christ on this lovely Passover . You really do need a FRIEND  !!!!!!!   Hopefully you pick the right ONE out of the over 1001  False Messiahs out there being preached in over 1001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS of ” Christianity being preached out there . 3 Guesses for a nickle  , step right up and make a SPECTACLE of yourself ……… and   Jim   Oldham   and  Jim   Oldham   and  Jim   Oldham     and   Jim   OLdham    and   Jim   Oldham !

Wait till it warms up some  more so our FATHER  can cook  you  all  up  some  real  good  thunderstorms filled with all kinds of goodies bought to you all  by  a  FURIOUS  MESSIAH  ,  Yeah  A  FURIOUS  LAMB  of  26 : 28  .  hey  ya better hope you never see verse 29  !!!!!!!

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