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Governor Terry Branstad Of Iowa ,

May 29, 2011

How’s your faith Terry ? Which Messiah are you praying to ? It’s a good question nowadays , since 10,001 DIFFERENT  BRANDS of Christian Churches are preaching 10,001  DIFFERENT   MESSIAHS . I’m assuming a lot here , since Iowa went against EVERY State that was asked to vote on same sex marriages and flat out voted  NO  !!!!!!!  Iowa Judges are so screwed up , they probably don’t know who Zipporah’s dad is and what he helped institute . They have shown me they have no fear of our Father,Messiah , and Creator Joshua IsReal . Their faith is going to be sorely tested in the days and weeks to come .

I’ll ask you the same question I asked Governor Culver(t) . If I am ever again in an Iowa Courtroom would you grant me Diplomatic Immunity as an Ambassador of  Joshua IsReal , our Messiah , Creator,Redeemer,Lamd,and heavenly Father ?

I’ll be watching … I’ll be listening …  I’ll be waving my hand …  In the meantime you might want to check into Braille and signing , it might come in handy .

Your Favorite parrot ,

Jim  Oldham ( Its at the end of Clumsy several times )

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