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June 22, 2011

My first prophetic letter was written to President Reagan April 12 th 1985 . I had no idea how long this  journey was going to be or how long it would last . I  was naive back then . Thought our nation was just waiting for a sign or a prophet to declare relent and repent and it would turn around . June 13 th , 1986 woke me up when I was hogtied wrist to ankles behind me and beaten darn near death by deputies in the jail in Toledo . I was so troubled by this I didn’t know what to do . Nightmares where I’d awaken screaming while biting my pillow  and striking out . Most nights I’d not sleep till the sun arose and my wife was up and about . I prayed and prayed and couldn’t shake the terror or my pain . Is it possible to rip your soul ?

So I searched my bible for an answer . What does a priest do when he has been touched by evil or something unclean ? Shave his entire head and burn the hair as an offering . While on shaving I seen how the tribe of Levi was to separate itself from the rest of IsReal and then shave ALL their body as a one time consecration , the rite of a levite ; cleanse them ceremonially . They shall serve ME and they are MINE for the levites are in place of all the firstborn of IsReal in the day that I struck the firstborn in Egypt .

So I shaved my entire body , bathed , and locked myself in my bedroom . I fell on my face naked before my REDEEMER  and immediately HE was there ! If my heart was not right , if my thoughts not of a single purpose of  wailing for help and forgiveness , completely submissive to HIS will , I have no doubt whatever that I would never have risen from that floor !

So , if I was not of the tribe of Levi , I was as one from that day forward … and the Levites are MINE  .

So , I began to preach , relent and repent , Turn to your FATHER and keep His statutes,ordinances,laws , commandments , and judgements . I must straighten the path that Luke and Paul made crooked for HIS kingdom draws near ! Yes , it is at the door ! I well set  MY face against you if you do  not heed MY voice .

I wrote delivered and sent my letters to the people of homes and third letter to Governor Celeste on December 22 , 1987 . On the margin to the people of homes I wrote , I have prayed and prayed and I assure you the drought is over in the South except for Georgia and within 5 days the drought was declared over in the South except for Georgia ! The letter to the people of homes started the Drought of 88 ! And after all this you do not obey ME then I will punish you SEVEN times more for your sins . I will break the pride of your power and I will make your skies like iron and your land not covered by blowing sand like brass .

Then came letters to President Bush and Senator Sasser and all of the prophecies and things written in there came to pass . Frightening things , terrible plagues ; hail the likes of which you have never seen , floods pounding the South into submission the likes of which not even the horrors of the Civil War could compare Whirlwinds and lightning echoing in your streets without end ! Then if you walk contrary to ME , and are NOT willing to obey  ME , I will bring on you seven times more plagues according to your sins .

After more prophetic letters that ALL came to pass , I put some prophesy in a Court document in Melbourne , Florida I filed  on Dec 8 , 1998 warning to Pat Robertson and His congregation in Virginia Beach about HURRICANES to pay them a visit in 1999 . If you count Dennis  TWICE since it got VA Beach went out to sea and turned around and got them again , Flyod once , and Irene once that equals  FOUR  HURRICANES to strike Virginia Beach in 1999 just as I wrote it in December of 1998 with a Court document stamp ! And if by these things you are not reformed by ME , but walk contrary to ME , then I also will walk contrary to you , and I will punish you yet SEVEN times for your sins . And I will bring a sword against you that will execute the vengence of the covenant …

In 2003 I went to a Courthouse in Iowa City , Iowa and demanded Diplomatic Immunity as a prophet of our Messiah and heavenly Father , Joshua IsReal . I put in my file all previous prophetic letters and added prophecy in Motion To Dismiss and new prophetic letters to Senator Grassley , President Bush , and Governor Vilsack . In my motion to dismiss after the judge denied my demand for diplomatic immunity I wrote , ” ALL  I  CAN  DO  IS  PRAY  FOR  MANY  PLAGUES  UPON  YOU  ALL  ! ” YOU   ALL , everybody in America and the rest of IsReal first and the gentiles with their mouths hanging open in suprise and awe at how our FATHER is dealing with America , Great Britain , and the rest of IsReal . Iowa City and the entire State Of Iowa is reeling from ALL the plagues our FATHER is giving the folks in Iowa !

This blog starts in 2007 and contains many prophecies and warnings that have ALL come to pass but for the few that are coming to pass and will come to pass as written . This post will show up on tweeter, my space , and facebook placing before the eyes of some 5000 people . Some will speak of these prophecies to their friends and family . So now it becomes much harder to bury these prophecies and YOU  ALL becomes much more inclusive and responsible for giving our REDEEMER  His glory or denying it !

And after all this , if you do not obey ME , but walk contrary to ME , then I  WILL  WALK  CONTRARY  TO  YOU  ALL  IN  A   FURY , and  I , even  I , will chastise you SEVEN  TIMES  for your sins . You shall eat the flesh of your sons and you shall eat the flesh of your daughters … I will cast your carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols … I will smash your cities to POTSHERDS  .. I will make your land desolate … I will bring youer santuaries to desolation …you will be defeated by your enemies and those that hate you will rule over you …

Gee , your loving Messiah is going to walk contrary to you in a FURY  !!!!!!!

I kept wondering why no one was acknowledging all my prophecies coming to pass . Why it seemed I was wasting my time and energy . It wasn’t wasted . Our LAMB was waiting to see if you all were going to obey HIM , listen to HIM , and FEAR  HIM ( Proverbs 1:7 ) . No one listened . No one trembled at HIS words . Instead Iowa Judges legislated from the bench legal same sex marriages . I wouldn’t be suprised if some Iowans sought marriage licenses for their hogs .

I wondered why just this past year I started using a FURIOUS  MESSIAH . Well , 26 years of prophecy coming to pass and me being of the tribe of Levi ( LEVI – ticus ) Leviticus 26 . I was waiting on our Father to get to the point where HE   IS   FURIOUS  with  America . So now I can see an end to my mission in sight after all these years . I , even I , had a revelation !  26 years and 26th chapter of Leviticus .

SQUAKING  SCREECHING  PARROT that I am can only repeat my FATHERS  words ,messages , and warnings .




From Yahoo Pulse June 22 , 2009 New Dust Bowl !

June 8, 2011

To the Remnant that comes out of the USA ,

To those that find our only true Messiah and Creator , don’t only hold on to what faith remains in you , but run to a holy place in your heart and minds !!!!!!! The great tribulation is upon us . A time that mankind has never seen before , unlike nothing that we could ever have imagined ! Do not be deceived by those who say here is our Messiah , for many false aPaulSauls have already been here and many more well come , promising you all a rapture that will never come . To you all not written in the book of the living , your suffering will go on until the day you die. To those of you written in the book of the living , your suffering is just beginning ! So that Yehoshua can burn the dross out of you , refine you as silver or gold . To test you and see who will remain true until the end . No more war and violence in the heavens !!!!!!! No thieves , liars , Sabbath breakers , parent haters , disobediant , false diety worshippers , greed , law breakers , and those that hate our Father’s laws , commandments , feast days , ordinances, precepts , and judgements !!!!!!! No murderers and adulterers either !

Yehoshua , Holy ONE Of Isreal , hear our prayer and answer it swiftly and remorselessly !!!!!!! Except for the Southeast , Florida , the Mid Atlantic , and the Northeast bind up the heavens and make their skies like iron and their land not covered by blowing sand like brass !!!!!!! Make this drought , oh heavenly FATHER worse than the drought of ” 33 ” that GREAT DUST BOWL !!!!!!! As the rich have their feet on our necks making us eat dirt , so , make them eat dirt !!! Let all the people fear where the winds will pick up bringing them huge dust storms !!!!!!! Where it rains in one city let it not rain in the city next to them . Let it only rain in part of a city and not in the other parts . When it does rain let it bring huge hail , shrieking winds , and tornadoes !!! May that rain also kick up the dust storms !!!!!!! Oh FATHER !!!!!!! Turn up the heat !!!!!!! Let the sun burn hotter as You promised us in Revelations !!!!!!!

Father , don’t forget Washington DC the center of most of the evil in this world !!!!!!! Send tronadoes ripping through the heart of the district ! Send tropical storms and hurricanes to it !!!!!!! Let huge hailstones pound them unmercifully ! Let thunder echo in their streets seemingly without end !!!!!!! Flood them so bad you can anchor a destroyer right next to the Whitehouse . Let the Eastern seaboard have such huge storms and floods that they almost will wish to be in the heartland eating dust and dirt !!!!!!! But, let them not worry about that , cause as the drought really gets going , the dust storms will eventually roll into their towns too !!!!!!!

Father, to those that have Your mark on them , protect them as the most precious of all . Let the plagues and pestilence pass over them . If any of Your own owns farmland in the drought area , give them rain without the hail and tornadoes . Let the rich and the corporations land blow away !!!!!!!

Oh Heavenly FATHER , stretch out Your mighty Arm as we now are praying , so that the USA and the world can see that this has been proclaimed in Your name and Spirit that issues forth from Your Mouth ! To all those that see this , believe, and repent breath on them Your Holy Spirit and begin to teach and mold them . go to  Yeah another slap in you alls faces !

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