Oceans turned blood red .


I started out 2010 with a warning about signs prophesied in Isaiah and Revelations take are taking place today . Red tide has been around for decades now . How long has the ozone layer been rolling back like a scroll ?  BUT  ,  what is the latest indicator that the TRIBULATION  is upon us ? When  FRESH  WATER  lakes and rivers start running blood  red . Texans have blood red frsh water lakes in their backyards . Woe  ,   Woe   shall I lament and mourn for the destruction taking place in Texas ? Should I roll back 26 years of prophesies and warnings ?

After 26 years of silence . 26 years of denial , 26 years of laughter , 26 years of witnessing  stiff necks , stiff knees , and iron hearts .  Rebellious children with their heads tilted back stating been there done it and that being said , ” What could you possibly tell or teach me ? Why , if there’s such a thing as a Creator , I’d be wiser and kinder . ”

Leviticus chapter 26 .

Leviticus 26 : 28  ( AFTER  26  YEARS  OF  PROPHESIES  AND  WARNINGS  and for SEVEN  MORE  PLAGUES  and  for  SEVEN  MORE  SINS ………… ) . IF   YOU   STILL   WALK  CONTRARY  TO  ME   ,   I  WILL  WALK  CONTRARY  TO   YOU   ALL   IN   A   FURY  . ….  I  will  lay  your  cities  waste  …  I  will throw  your  carcasses on the lifeless forms of your idols  …  you will eat the flesh of your sons and daughters  …….

You think  HE  will get you alls attention then ? That some of you might listen to  HIM  then ?

OR you all gonna continue to curse  HIM to your deaths ?

Wouldn’t  hardly be a REMNANT  at  all if not for the GREAT  TRIBULATION . For our  FATHER  trying  everything  possible  to get through HIS  childrens  thick  skulls .  Oh  Daddy , I won’t ever do that again  !!!!!!!        Really ?  Truely  ?

Send twisters to tear their churches down , that will silence the blasphemies there . Make their skies like iron , and their land not covered by blowing sand , like bronze . Can you drink blood red water ? Bathe in it ? Play in it ?

Let the dust storms blow . Throw their carcasses on their idols . Hail , HAil , HAIl ,  HAIL  .  Lay  their  cities waste .

For this is love . To do nothing to change their minds and hearts would be evil .

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