What the pork !


In a 7 or 8 minute post on Youtube , Freedom Informat , you all are fed hope and solutions to ALL the worlds problems . Excuse me but there are no solutions . Just as Ron Paul serves a useful purpose as a pressure relief valve that gives people hope that they can change our government into a more people friendly system , this video gives people hope that the world can solve its problems . It says we are merely CONSUMERS to the big corporations , cattle . Well , if we don’t consume how is Johnny gonna have his job ? As the housing bubble burst and more and more people lost their jobs the louder and bigger the protests became . Idle time will surely cause society problems . We have a disposable industry to keep people working . Take away the jobs take away the spending ( Consuming ) until you have a downward spiral that will surely lead to war . The depression bought about WW 2 . Bought Hitler to power . He made the people happy by putting them back to work building tanks , battleships , and bombers .

Do any of you really think that the corporations and governments of the world don’t have easy solutions to pollution ? Of course they do , but , if these solutions destroy jobs what is its good to society ? Many folks out there would rather shovel shit for a job then draw unemployment . Its about self image and feeling you are accomplishing something , anything , then sitting on your ass twindling your thumbs .

Ron Paul and all these feel good kinda solutions give people hopes that our system of society can be fixed and the truth is that many times the solutions would result in causing more problems then before the ” FIX ” . This world is headed for disaster . The problems all started with the Industrial Revolution that enabled society to pass the one billion population mark , and now we are approaching 7 billion folks ! To many consumers and the ” THINGS ” they all need to keep them occupied and somewhat happy destroying balances and causing mass extinctions .

Go ahead and peaceably resist . Go ahead and boycott corporations . You can’t win cause you can’t fix society . We cringe at the prospect of some rich bastards culling the herds of people to the no more than 500 million folks ! Their goal is posted on the Georgia Guidestones , google it . The world is headed for disaster and their is nothing that can stop it .

The real solution is for all you decent folks out there is to stop wasting your time trying to fix something that can’t be fixed and start working at the real solution . To fight the GOOD  FIGHT which is for the kingdom to come . Remember that the devil offerred our Messiah all the glory of every great nation if  HE would simply bow to him . Our Messiah , Himself said , ” This is  NOT  My kingdom , if it were legions of angels would come and you could NOT take  ME ” . The earth by Adam and Eve bowing to the devil gave him dominion of the earth . The earth is the devils only kingdom and how do you suppose he is going to rule it ? Are you all beginning to understand why we should NOT have turned our backs on our only true  FATHER and followed him yet ?

Stop beind distracted and divided and fight for our mothers childrens hearts and minds . To return the love of the children back to their parents and parents love back to their children . Fight to teach them our LAMBS laws and commandments and they will begin to love again . Teach them to fear our  FATHER so that they can begin to understand ( Proverbs 1 : 7 ) . Stop wasting time on trying to fix the unfixable cause we all are running short on time .

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