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Folks in Iowa and PLAGUES .

May 4, 2012

Dear Governor Terry Branstad ,

Wanna borrow my rubber duckie and listen to  CLUMSY by Our Lady Peace ? … I’ll be waving my hand watching you drown .. watching you scream quiet or loud ….. there’s nothing funny about this and nobodies laughing … there’s nothing  FAKE about this and ya really need a friend ( I just hope you pick the ONE and ONLY  true  Messiah out there  since there are over a THOUSAND  DIFFERENT  BRANDS of  ” Christian Churches ” out there preaching over  a  THOUSAND  DIFFERENT  MESSIAHS  out  there ) … I’ll be  watching you drown ( And blown around with giant hail beating the State Capital building and the Governors mansion . How many cities will our mighty  FURIOUS  LAMB ( Leviticus 26 : 28 – 31 ) lay waste this night ? How many in the days and weeks to come ?

You need to listen closely to the end on that song for he sings a mans name over and over again and you need to check the court records in Iowa City in 2003 , State Of Iowa Vs James R Oldham ( Prophet sent by our FURIOUS  LAMB ) . Maybe you can find mention of the letter I sent to Vilsack and Culver . You might want to speak with Ex Senator Grassley and President Bush what I wrote to them concerning IOWA and your constituents . You can see some of it at . I requested that the State Of Iowa recognize me as an Ambassador of our heavenly  FATHER . I was laughed at and mocked and the judge asked me if I was under a doctors care . In a motion to dismis after diplomatic immunity was NOT granted I wrote … ALL  I  CAN  DO  IS  PRAY  FOR  MANY  PLAGUES  UPON  YOU  ALL …. That judge had no fear of our heavenly FATHER in spite of  court documents from Florida that prophesied HURRICANES and  TROPICAL  STORMS  for our  FATHER  to go to Virginia Beach , VA and pay  Pat  Robertson and  his church a visit for the hurricane season of 1999 . If you count DENNIS  THE  MENACE  TWICE cause it played hell with Virginia Beach for days  went out into the ocean just to turn around and get them again that would be  FOUR   HURRICANES  to  pay  VIRGINIA  BEACH  a  visit  in  1999 .

Now some folks have said in the past my prophesies are to general , I need to be more specific . Well , that court document that is time and date stamped gives the time , hurricane season of 1999 , the place Virginia Beach , and the event HURRICANES  and  TROPICAL  Storms . On one of my first post says ,  look out Iowa City , Johnson County , and Iowa  for December 8 , 2007 . The tags read  WEATHER , INSANITY , and PROPHESY  !!!!!!!  What happened in  the following months and crested on June 13 th 2008 ( June 13th the day Deputy sherrifs beat me damn near to death in the jail in Toledo , Ohio while I was in chains and handcuffs ) . What did my letter to Governor Vilsack say ? Was I playing around or was I  BOLD  AND  THREATENING ? To show you all I  AM not a chicken shit shouting nay nay nay nay nay to your Governor several States away I did the same thing to the Governor of Florida where I was living and help run that bastard ( Cause he is a proven LIAR and our Messiah said all lies and LIARS have the devil as their daddy ) out of Tallahassee .

The hudge had no fear even though I included in the record my special review by the Veterans Administration where Dr. Adams says about my letters …. WHICH  DO  SEEM  TO  IMPLY  THAT  THE  PATIENT  HAS  THE  GIFT  OF  PROPHESY . You ever see the VA tell someone that there might be a PROPHET  WALKING  AROUND  AMONGST  US  ?

Did any of my blogs or letters do anything to help Iowa become a more   GOD   FEARING    State( Proverbs 1 : 7 ) ?  Did any of the miracles that our Messiah do for you all CORRECT  or  STRAIGHTEN  OUT  any  of  you reackless , wayward , and rebellious children of HIS  ?  What is  HE gonna have to do to get through to some of you hard headed , hard hearted , and  stiff necked and kneed  proud and pitiful people ?  After  500 year flood events in 20o8 ( Where what 87  of 99 counties were declared dusaster areas !!!! ) and then the 500 year flood events of 2010 , which in many places was worse than the flooding of 2008 .  You ALL getting use to 500 year flood events EVERY  COUPLE  OF  YEARS   ?  What about the ice storms ? The HUGE  HAIL  that gave all your cars those cute dimples ? The EF 5  TORNADO that took out Parkersberg ? The  TORNADO that threw around and killed thise boyscouts ?  After  ALL  this  your  STATE in spite of the fact that  EVERY  STATE  that  voted on same sex marriages  said  NO  !!!!!  EVERY  STATE  THAT  VOTED   SAID  ,   NO  !!!!  But , your stupid devil loving lieing judges did what the separation of the THREE branches of government were suppose to stop ; judges  legislating from their benches . They as much said to  ALL  those people that voted  NO  to same sex marriages that , ” THEY  ARE  TO  DUMB  TO  VOTE  !!!!!!! ”

People are crying over the fact that we lost our GREAT  REPUBLIC  and  now they can shed some riv ers of tears that we don’t even have a democracy !  Didn’t Iowa have an 18 year old drinking age ? EIGHT  other states had asked their people to vote several different times on a minimum drinking age and ALL EIGHT said 18  !!!!!!!   IS  there  ONE  STATE  with an 18 year old drinking age ? Whatever happened to the TENTH Ammendment and STATES  RIGHTS ?  What ever happened to  THE    WILL  AND  THE  VOTE  OF  THE  MAJORITY  ?   Isn’t that what a democracy is suppose to be , the will and the vote of the majority ? We don’t have a republic and we don’t have a democracy so just exactly do we have ? The RULE  OF  LAW  that is whatever some judge or politician  IMAGINES  IT  TO  BE ? No Constitution . No guidelines , No restraints . A  LAWLESS  LAND . A land without mans laws ( Constitution ) or God’s laws ( No commandments ,laws,precepts,statutes,ordinances,or judgements of our LAMB ) !!!!!!

IOWA , you have been warned again and again and again and our FATHER has preformed ALL and more that was in those warnings  HE gave me to proclaim . I expected much more from you ALL and instead I got much less . Read Leviticus chapter 26 a few times Governor Branstad and tell me if Iowa is walking contrary to our holy REDEEMERS  ways . Tell me that you don’t think  HE  is  in  a  FURY  about the people in Iowa .  A  FURIOUS  LAMB  !!!!!!!   A  FURIOUS   LAMB  !!!!!!  It would seem a contradiction of terms , a LAMB that is  FURIOUS  ? That is exactly what  HE  is ,  FURIOUS  with the judges and people of Iowa and  HE  is  going to make an example of the people of Iowa not only to the rest of the USA but an example to the world . Pass out rods to LEGIONS  OF  YOUR  ANGELS  AND  LAY  WASTE  THE  CITIES  IN  IOWA  IN  A  FURY  ( Lev 26 : 28 -31 ) .

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