It took 10 plagues to get Pharaoh to let HIS people go . What will it take to get the attention of the rulers of this nation ? To get to the peoples hearts today ? How many people will our heavenly FATHER ( Yes our FURIOUS MESSIAH of Leviticus 26 and especially verse 28 ) have to kill before the people will fear HIM enough to listen to HIM ? Proverbs 1 : 7 says fear of our FATHER is the beginning of understanding ( Wisdom ) . How many of you tremble at HIS words ?

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To the Remnant that comes out of the USA ,

To those that find our only true Messiah and Creator , don’t only hold on to what faith remains in you , but run to a holy place in your heart and minds !!!!!!! The great tribulation is upon us . A time that mankind has never seen before , unlike nothing that we could ever have imagined ! Do not be deceived by those who say here is our Messiah , for many false aPaulSauls have already been here and many more well come , promising you all a rapture that will never come . To you all not written in the book of the living , your suffering will go on until the day you die. To those of you written in the book of the living , your suffering is just beginning ! So that Yehoshua can…

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