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What goes up must come down , PEAK OIL PRODUCTION

January 24, 2013

There is but one spike in all of human history that stands out and shouts !!!!!!! When the population of this world remained pretty constant at 300 to 600 million throughout the ages , recent history should sound alarm bells everywhere . Where oh where and how could the world’s population spike at 7 Billion in less than 200 years ? There is but ONE  reason ; PETROLEUM . It will  also be the reason for the greatest tribulation this world has ever faced . Revelations chapter 9 tells us how an angel will give mankind the key to the bottomless pit , The Industrial Revolution , a simple idea of making interchangeable parts . It describes a polluted sky from the smoke of its burning and speaks of the greatest affliction known to mankind , 5 months  of it ! Well , there are 30 days to a month so we are looking at 150 days or years of our affliction . The Industrial revolution started in late 1800’s . The first oil well that opens the bottomless pit was drilled in 1859 by Edmond Drake in Titusville , Pennsylvania . In the 60’s Mr Hubbert predicted that the USA would reach PEAK  OIL  PRODUCTION  in the 1970’s . Just as his figures from oil production at the past great oil fields proved so America reached its peak . Baku oil fields went dry . Just as oil field after oil field has dried up leaving rusting oil rigs by the hundreds , America became an oil IMPORTER .

Revelation describes the beast that ascends from the bottomless pit as locusts , or a great plague of trillions . When , John looked closer they were like horses arrayed for battle and when they moved they made a great noise ( Walls along interstates are for the noise ) as of many chariots rushing into battle . When I looked closer still , I seen the faces of men , through the windshields and side windows !

Their power to do harm like a scorpion , in their tail  pipes . The beast is petroleum that feeds our cars , trucks , planes , trains , and ships . It does much much more . Rub it one way and its your carpet , another and its linoleum , paint , asphalt , fiberglass shingles , whiskey , aspirin , polyester , nylon , insulation , pharmaceuticals , plastic film strip , CD’s , VCR and film strip , solvents , cleaners, lubricants , food additives , etc etc etc etc …..

Expand or blow plastic into foam rubber and you get a by-product of CFC’s that are assaulting the ozone layer . Plastic and farm run off is polluting the oceans .

The GREEN  REVOLUTION  IN  FARMING  is  really BLACK  from  petroleum . Natural gas and petroleum make our fertilizers . Petroleum feeds the machinery that plows the fields , plants the seeds , sprays the pesticides and  herbicides ( From petroleum also ) , harvest the fields , then more diesel powered transportation to get it to distribution centers , then more diesel to get it to market rather locally or overseas , then gas for us to get to the store . Without petroleum would we be able to feed 7 billion people ? How much oil does it take to get your beans to you every year ? How about the meat you eat ? Your milk ?

Is it a wonder that almost 150 years of the frenzy over oil that the world oil production is way past peak oil  and soon to run out ? Were we warned ? Yes , even thousands of years ago . What is oil ? Why can’t the processes of the earth break down plastic ? It can break down steel and everything else from this earth . What makes petroleum and its by-products so unique ? Where did it come from ?

Genesis 6 : 1-4  tells us about a great rebellion , the sons of God took of the daughters of men as wives and they had offspring , GIANTS , of which many legends are told . It is said that oil is the blood of dinosaurs .

Our Father told Noah after the world was flooded by a comet striking it and fracturing the crust not to  consume the blood of an animal for it is its life therein it is holy . How much more holy or unholy the spirit remains of that unholy union of flesh and spirit . Since the spirit part of those giants remains buried in the earth after the sediment settled on the remains after the flood it waited 1000’s of years for man to free it .

All that our Father created was on the ark with Noah . Our Father didn’t create those giants and they perished in the flood .

The key was finally given to man to open the bottomless pit and for a hundred years mankind truly thought it bottomless , but , peak oil production and oil field after oil field drying up has shocked the governments into realizing that there is indeed a bottom and after nearly 5 months of pumping oil the end is in sight .

Just for one tire it takes 7 gallons of oil . Over a 1000 gallons to build a car . The forges need energy to turn iron ore into steel . Power to stamp and cut the metal parts . Power to heat and cool the factories . Gas to get the workers to their jobs . Power to build the factories . Where does this power come from . Coal and diesel provides a lot .

Hydrogen fuel celled cars should have been built and provided for long ago but this would only have delayed the collapse of society not prevented it . GREED kept the pressure on politicians not to go there.GREED kept the lawmakers from developing a plan to ease the results of oil running out , but then you’d have to admit to everyone that oil was a big mistake to begin with . That society built their cities based on cars as you arrange your furniture based on where the TV outlet is .

When enough oil wells run dry and the nations have to start cutting back wars will become common . Mali is the latest example and war with Iran is not far off .

These wars will disrupt the free flow of oil and start the nukes flying . HE said that if HE didn’t shorten those days that there would be no flesh left to save .

That spike in the worlds population is a direct result of petroleum and it is of short duration , about 150 years . Without oil the population of the world would have to shrink to less than 500 million . Isn’t it funny that the FIRST  COMMANDMENT  on the Georgia Guide stones states that no more than 500 million people living on the earth in balance with nature ? Have the governments finally woke up to the fact that they took a wrong turn when they became addicted to a finite substance oil ? That they are responsible for the extinction of their own race by their GREED ? Being in bed with those huge oil companies has given them a disease and twisted their souls further .

Are we not finally answering the devil’s question he asked us all ? Why not follow me ? Do things my way ? Is not my glory as great as HIS ?  Is it ? Did Adam and Eve bow to the devil and give him dominion of the earth ? Is the devil the ruler of the earth ? Did he not offer the glory of every great nation to our Messiah if H would bow to him ? You can’t offer something if it is not yours to give .

It will give image to the beast so it can speak . Can you give image to the beast and have it speak without plastic film strip , VCR tape , CD’s , DVD’s ? Just what is the beast saying anyways ? Commit adultery and fornication ( How many wicked Jezebels do we allow to seduce, temp , and teach our children on television )  , lie ( The President said he did not have sex with that woman ) , steal ( Wall Street and the banks teach us how ) , etc etc etc.

The beast that was ( Dinosaur ) is not ( Cause of the flood ) yet is ( Petroleum ) .

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