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Mystery Babylon Church / Black Jesus

June 30, 2013

Mystery Babylon Church / Black Jesus

Worshipping contradictions is one thing but black and white ? Maybe we need red letter editions . That 4th BEAST , The  UNholy  Roman  Empire , became the Roman Catholic Church . The Pope worships a black Jesus and a white Jesus . Does it matter ?

Major Flooding In Iowa .

June 24, 2013

  1. People of IOWA will say but JOSHUA ( Jes_s ) is love . OK , so how do you love HIM ? By keeping HIS laws and commandments as HE said to do until the heaven and earth pass away according to HIS words of Matthew 5 : 17 – 20 ? Does your righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes and the Pharisees ? Does 1 John 5 : 3 ring any bells ? For this is the love of our Messiah , when we keep HIS commandments and they are NOT burdensome . You all have made of no effect HIS laws and commandments and have made them null and void and walk contrary to HIM in EVERY WAY ! Leviticus 26 : 28 will tell you all that it is YOU who have turned HIM into a FURIOUS MESSIAH and you lack ALL understanding because you do NOT fear HIS judgements . Yes , on your very souls . If you feared HIM ( Proverbs 1 : 7 ) you ALL would have listened to me long before I shook the dust off my sandals when I left your State . For years I have warned you all . I sent copies of my prophesies and warnings to EVERY major newspaper in Iowa . I stood in your Courtroom in Iowa City in 2003 and warned you all . I demanded that the State Of Iowa recognize me as an Ambassador of our heavenly FATHER . How many plagues have visiyed you ALL since I was there and warned you ALL ? The dams bursting , the giant hail giving your autos cute dimples how many different times ? The tornadoes and floods of 2008 and 2010 that were suppose to be 500 year events . Well , now , let us ALL reason together . HE is FURIOUS at you ALL and without the State donning sackcloth and wailing out to HIM in ALL earnestness and sincerity you will NOT turn aside HIS fury .
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    • James Oldham/Yehoshua FLOOD WARNINGS for 3/4 of Iowa . A FURIOUS MESSIAH at work . Hail , tornadoes , and floods OH MY !!!!!!! Governor Branstad you need to listen to CLUMSY by Our Lady Peace and what are they singing at the end of that song anyways ? … and Jim Oldham … and Jim Oldham … I could overnight ya my rubber ducky .
  2. Governor Scot , its time to get to work . Get ready to call out the national guard in the aftermath of the Hurricanes and Tropical Storms to pay Florida a visit . Get with Judge Majeed and ask him why I would be posting this . State of emergency ! Oh , its time to get to work ! Father , show them ALL that YOUR prophet indeed dwells in Florida .
  3. To you ALL in IOWA and ALL those that read this post . A FURIOUS FATHER is passing out iron rods and is wielding one of HIS own . Smash their cities to potsherds in YOUR fury . You sent your prophet to preach to them and warn them . To give them prophesies and give them all a chance to turn around . YOU sent me to their courtrooms to warn them and prophesy to them in 2003 . They laugSee More











June 9, 2013


Christianity is a dieing religion in America . Is the smooth or easy way of Paul the reason for  Christianities death in America ? Shouldn’t miracles and prophesies come to pass for a prophet that our Messiah sends ?

These guys give our Messiah a bad rap .

June 7, 2013

These guys give our Messiah a bad rap .

Please pray for understanding of this cult .

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June 6, 2013

To the Remnant that comes out of the USA ,

To those that find our only true Messiah and Creator , don’t only hold on to
what faith remains in you , but run to a holy place in your heart and minds
!!!!!!! The great tribulation is upon us . A time that mankind has never seen
before , unlike nothing that we could ever have imagined ! Do not be deceived by
those who say here is our Messiah , for many false aPaulSauls have already been
here and many more well come , promising you all a rapture that will never come
. To you all not written in the book of the living , your suffering will go on
until the day you die. To those of you written in the book of the living , your
suffering is just beginning ! So that Yehoshua can burn the dross out of you ,
refine you as silver or gold . To test you and see who will remain true until
the end . No more war and violence in the heavens !!!!!!! No thieves , liars ,
Sabbath breakers , parent haters , disobediant , false diety worshippers , greed
, law breakers , and those that hate our Father’s laws , commandments , feast
days , ordinances, precepts , and judgements !!!!!!! No murderers and adulterers
either !

Yehoshua , Holy ONE Of Isreal , hear our prayer and answer it swiftly and
remorselessly !!!!!!! Except for the Southeast , Florida , the Mid Atlantic ,
and the Northeast bind up the heavens and make their skies like iron and their
land not covered by blowing sand like brass !!!!!!! Make this drought , oh
heavenly FATHER worse than the drought of ” 33 ” that GREAT DUST BOWL !!!!!!! As
the rich have their feet on our necks making us eat dirt , so , make them eat
dirt !!! Let all the people fear where the winds will pick up bringing them huge
dust storms !!!!!!! Where it rains in one city let it not rain in the city next
to them . Let it only rain in part of a city and not in the other parts . When
it does rain let it bring huge hail , shrieking winds , and tornadoes !!! May
that rain also kick up the dust storms !!!!!!! Oh FATHER !!!!!!! Turn up the
heat !!!!!!! Let the sun burn hotter as You promised us in Revelations

Father , don’t forget Washington DC the center of most of the evil in this
world !!!!!!! Send tronadoes ripping through the heart of the district ! Send
tropical storms and hurricanes to it !!!!!!! Let huge hailstones pound them
unmercifully ! Let thunder echo in their streets seemingly without end !!!!!!!
Flood them so bad you can anchor a destroyer right next to the Whitehouse . Let
the Eastern seaboard have such huge storms and floods that they almost will wish
to be in the heartland eating dust and dirt !!!!!!! But, let them not worry
about that , cause as the drought really gets going , the dust storms will
eventually roll into their towns too !!!!!!!

Father, to those that have Your mark on them , protect them as the most
precious of all . Let the plagues and pestilence pass over them . If any of Your
own owns farmland in the drought area , give them rain without the hail and
tornadoes . Let the rich and the corporations land blow away !!!!!!!

Oh Heavenly FATHER , stretch out Your mighty Arm as we now are praying , so
that the USA and the world can see that this has been proclaimed in Your name
and Spirit that issues forth from Your Mouth ! To all those that see this ,
believe, and repent breath on them Your Holy Spirit and begin to teach and mold
them .  . FATHER . get Andrea together and

June 5, 2013  . FATHER . get Andrea together and bring her to Florida . Judge Majeed showed me more respect in Court than any other Judge has in 28 years of trying to be heard in a Courtroom , but , it was NOT enough . FATHER , yes , Joshua IsReal the people walk boldly contrary to YOU and ALL YOUR ways . Walk contrary to them in a FURY according to Leviticus 26 : 28 . Bring down their sanctuaries and lay theur cities waste . Maybe some will look , see , and begin to fear and listen to YOU again .


June 5, 2013

Warch out Florida because Andrea is coming your way . .  

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