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Crescent moon and Sun over the Philippines

November 11, 2013

Our Messiah was hung on the symbol for the sun , a cross . The Romans went through a few changes until they became both Church and State and the Catholics main symbol , the cross . They’re main objective to destroy the words , laws , and commandments our Messiah , Joshua ( Yehoshua until the 1600’s when English got its ” J ” sound ) gave to HIS servant , Moses . Whether this attack comes from their son Mohammed or Horus or from their daughter , Mary or Isis doesn’t matter . The outcome will always be the same , the doctrines of men and Churches proclaimed over the rejection of the words of our Father and Creator , Joshua IsReal . The ass knowsd its crib but MY children do not know their FATHER . Read your Bibles and know that our Messiah knew exactly what HE was saying in Matthew 5 : 17 – 20  …  I  DID  NOT  COME  TO  DO  AWAY  WITH  THE  LAWS or commandments … and 1 John 2 : 4 plainly says that Luke and Paul are  LIARS when they put forth the so called  Jerusdalem Decree of Acts 15 : 23 – 29  . So have the patience of the saints ; those that keep the laws and commandmentsd and the testimony of our Messiah of Rev 14 : 12 and be of the woman and her offspring that keep the commandments and laws and the testimony of our LAMB , Joshua . You all need to look no further for those who have overcome the beast than to go to Revelation 15 : 1 – 4 . If you continue to keep the doctrine of men and churches then the beast who gave all his authority on this earth to the woman that rides the beast ( United Europe or the 7th revival of the UNholy Roman Empire ) , the Catholic Church will win whether through Mary or Mohammed . Put away your idols and stop praying to Mary . Stop following Mohammed that was married to the most famous and influential Nuns of that time for the Catholic Church sent them both to seek to change the law . They already changed time through the Julian Calendar ( Daniel 7 : 25 ) . You all were warned by your Messiah that an enemy was going to sow lies or tares in your New Testaments in Matthew 13 : 24-30 and since these are the harvest times it is time you discovered the difference between the truth and a lie . Shake the dust off of you and pray that you show fruits of repentence so that your REDEEMER , LAMB , MESSIAH , and heavenly  FATHER can breath on you  His COMFORTER , yes , HIS Holy Spirit . Do not settle for those FORKED  TONGUES of Acts 2 : 3 but for that same Spirit of Genesis 2 : 7 when Joshua breaths on HIS disciples in John 20 : 22 & 23 . Why such terrible typhoons over the Philippines ? Do you NOT understand that if you continue to walk contrary to your  CREATOR  that  HE will walk contrary to you all  in a  FURY ( Leviticus 26 : 28 ) …  and I , even  I , will  CHASTISE you  SEVEN  times for your sins .  WOE  ,  WOE  ,  WOE   ,  WOE  ,  WOE  ,  WOE  ,  WOE  to  you  ALL  in  the  PHILIPPINES . Your sorrows are just beginning . Put away your idols and following of doctrines of men and Churches and meet Your Messiah half way and HE will come running to you and wrap you all in HIS wings as a mother hen her chicks .

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