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Raising my mighty 2 Edged sword !!!!!!!

May 22, 2014

Paul speaks the tongues of angels but whose angels ? He is in league with the angels from satan . He spoke of his carnal man within him and that it is no longer Paul that is sinning but sin that dwells within him . 1 John 3 : 4-6 .Whoever commits a sin also commits lawlessness and sin is lawlessness ( What John is disagreeing with Paul who said we are not under law but grace , then why is John making a point of declaring that sin is breaking the law of our Messiah , who in Matthew 5 : 17-20 plainly told us that not until the heaven and earth pass away shall one letter or word pass from the law .) and sin is lawlessness .And you know HE was manifested to take away our sins , and in HIM there is no sin . Whoever abides in HIM does not sin . Whoever sins has neither seen HIM or known HIM . Paul brags of being the CHIEF SINNER , Oh wretched man that I am … If he was in the wilderness with Moses snakes would have rose up and bit him .

Prophesy is the sign of the Holy Spirit . Tear Luke and Paul out of your bibles and what would you be missing ? Just the doctrine of what 1 John 2 : 4 calls Luke and Paul , LIARS and the truth is NOT in them for they are the first teachers that our Messiah was mistaken or lying when HE spoke those words of Matthew 5 : 17-20 . Just look at Luke and Paul’s so called Jerusalem Decree in Acts 15 : 23- 29 which throws away 8 of 10 commandments and over 600 laws . They don’t want to BURDEN you ( Exodus 12 : 48 & 49 says there is ONE law both for the Jew and the Gentile ) yet , John writes in 1 John 5 : 3 THIS IS THE LOVE OF GOD ( Our Messiah , Joshua IsReal ) when we keep HIS commandments and they are NOT burdensome . That is how you keep the greatest commandment , just how deep do you believe ? Are you strong enough to see ? Do you want to change it ? Well get up off your knees praying in those churches speaking the language of the devil , witches , and satanist . Acts 2 : 3 FORKED TONGUES AS OF FIRE ASCEND ON …. they begin speaking in tongues . John 20 : 22 & 23 says something entirely different and Jesus breathed on them ( Genesis 2 : 7 and then HE breathed into his nostrils … ) and said receive the HOLY SPIRIT . Be like those of Revelation 12 : 17 , 14 : 12 , and especially those that have overcome the beast and keep the laws Jesus gave to Moses and the testimony of Jesus , our risen LAMB and REDEEMER .

To all you spirit filled ministers speaking in tongues , I challenge ALL of you to a MT Carmel . You all post your prophesies and I will post mine and we ALL will see who our Messiah honors and brings to pass what HIS prophet or prophets says in HIS Holy Spirit and name

Come on step right up and make a spectacle of yourselves .

You all post first and then I’ll have my turn .

I was warned earlier that I was treading on dangerous ground speaking against Luke and Paul and was in danger of commiting the ONLY unpardonable sin . You Alan Jones have just commited the ONLY unpardonable sin . You are the one mistaken . I speak against TWO men who do nothing but rile against the true word of our Messiah , Luke and Paul , who say the law is only good for death . The word ( LAW ) was made flesh and is that perfect propriation for our sins and though the law was nailed to a cross , it was found to be without spot or blemish and was RESURRECTED . The LAW was RESURRECTED . I speak against two liars who speak evil of the words our Messiah spoke out of HIS own mouth in MATTHEW 5 : 17 – 20 I DID NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW …. I am standind up for the LAWGIVER and telling you all that Luke who was not a disciple and never seen our Messiah should never have been granted Gospel authority !!!!!!! Lord Lord didn’t we prophesy in your name ? Cast out demon in your name , do many wonderful things ( Like speaking in tongues of devils to no end and preaching silver and gold , the LAW OF ATTRACTION ) I will say to them GO AWAY FROM ME YOU WORKERS OF LAWLESSNESS ( 1 John 3 :4 … and sin is LAWLESSNESS ) ) FOR I NEVER KNEW YOU ( 1 John 3 : 6 … whoever sins has neither seen HIM or known HIM ) Paul brags about being the CHIEF SINNER and about the Carnal man that dwells within him and it is no longer him that is sinning BUT SIN THAT DWELLS WITHIN HIM . Luke never seen our Messiah , he was not an eyewitness  but bases his Gospel on eyewitnesses . Why grant the man that never seen our Messiah Gospel authority ? So he can introduce Paul and together they can preach a different Gospel than the disciples even though Exodus 12 : 48 & 49 says there is ONE LAW both for the Jew and the Gentile . and start preaching a LAWLESS Gospel of sand . Get back on the ROCK people which is the bedrock of our faith . Rev 12 : 17 and 14 :12 and 15 : 1-4 Those who overcome the beast keep the laws Jesus gave to Moses and the testimony ( Gospel ) while HE walked among us .

1 an 2 Peter was not written by the true disciple . Theologians have put forth this view for almost 2 thousand years . He was killed for not submitting or bowing to the King Nero who declared himself GOD and 1 Peter 2 : 13 Therefore SUBMIT YOURSELVES TO EVERY ORDINANCE OF MAN ( Bow to king who declares himself a GOD or to Obama or BUSH , say same sex and sodomy is ok , and be for abortions on demand remember you must submit to every ordinance of man but throw away your Messiah’s laws and commandments ) and honor ( Worship ) the king as SUPREME ( Nero is not supreme our Messiah is supreme !!!!!!!!

Daniel 7 : 25 speaks of Rome ( The fourth beast ) speaking blasphemies against the Most High and persecuting HIS saints in the Coliseums until he slaps himself in the head and says DUH , ISN’T IT HARD TO KICK AGAINST THE PRICKS ( Paul on his way to Damascus ) Killing all hose people in the Coliseums wasn’t working , the blood of the Martyrs was the seeds of Christianity . So they seeked to change time ( Julian Calendar taking folks off of the New Moons which all the feast days were numbered from and changing the law by sending Luke , Paul , and that Fake Peter to change the LAWS . Matthew 13 : 24 – 30 tells us that Jesus planted HIS truth ( Gave HIS testimony ) wheat and when it came up HIS servants came up to HIM and said didn’t you plant good seed . Yes I did . Well where have these tares ( LIES ) come from . Our Messiah said an enemy has sown this at night . Should we pull them up ? No !!!!! lest you dislodge the good wheat with the tares , but , let them grow side by side in your New Testaments until the harvest time and then I’ll command my workmen to bundle up those tares and throw them in the fire and gather MY good wheat into the barn ( Heaven ) . Have you noticed the fields are ripe and our Messiah , yes , our Father has commanded to start bundling up those lies of Luke and Paul .

Matthew 5b: 17 -20 Don’t be confused ( By Luke and Paul ) I DID NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW … not till heaven and earth passaway will one letter ( Jot ) or word ( Tittle ) pass away from the law ,,,, If your righteousness does Not exceed the righteousness of the scribes and Pharisees ( Teachers of the laws ) you will NOT enter into heaven . Red letters our Messiah speaking these words ! Paul had no authority from our Messiah to say in Romans 6 : 14 … that we are NOT UNDER THE LAW … and him and Luke had no business saying in Acts 15 : 23 -29 that they don’t want to BURDEN us ( 1 John 5 : 3 This is the love of our Messiah when we keep HIS commandments and they are NOT BURDENSOME !!!!!!! ) that all you have to keep of all the laws and commandments are these FOUR necessary things and throws away 8 of 10 commandments and over 600 laws !!!!!!! 1 John 2 : 4 says … ANYONE ( Luke , Paul , you , or me ) says I know HIM and does NOT KEEP HIS COMMANDMENTS IS A LIAR AND THE TRUTH IS B NOT IN HIM !!!!!!! LUKE AND PAUL ARE LIARS AND THE TRUTH IS NOT IN THEM . So if you speak in tongues you got this doctrine from Luke and Paul ONLY and speak with a FORKED TONGUE of the devil of Acts 2 : 3 not with the Holy Spirit that Jesus breaths on us of John 20 : 22 & 23 ..

Still waiting for you super ministers and Evangelist to post your prophesies here . Check my links and know that I have been posting hundreds of prophesies all over the internet for over 7 years now and they have ALL come to pass .

Mt Carmel right here right now . Post your prophesies you great men of Christianity . Then I will post mine and we will see who our Messiah sent and who HE didn’t .

My church is a community that stretches around the world of my fellow true Spirit filled brothers and sisters of Revelation 15 : 1 – 4 and Revelation 12 : 17 .

I am not alone in this . My LAMB is my constant companion and I have regular Bible studies with my neighbors and friends . When I raise my arms in praise to give glory to our holy REDEEMER my heart and soul soar way beyond my outstretched fingers . My discussions on the internet are a church also . Many times I have had long discussions with Muslims and Christians . Here on Linkedin I have found my calling . Here I am not only condemned but praised and uplifted . Many around the world praise HIM here and give true glory to the only ONE who deserves it , our Creator , Joshua , ys our Messiah that wrote with HIS own hand the commandments HE gave to Moses . Before Abraham I AM . Before Moses HE WAS talking to Abraham and giving him HIS laws , commandments , precepts , statutes , ordinances , and judgements . For Abraham obeyed MY voice and kept MY charge …( Genesis 26: 5 ) . In the beginning was the word and the word is GOOD and the word is GOD … and the word was made flesh …. and all that was created was created by HIM ( Joshua or Jes_s ) . HE was the ONE that formed Adam from the dust and breathed into his nostrils just as HE breathed into HIS disciples HIS Holy Spirit .
I refuse to answer those aPaulSauls of Paul ( aPaulSoul not a Joshua soul ) who can only attack me from Paul’s words . They can NOT go outside of that liars words to refute what I say . ANYONE says I know Joshua and does not keep the commandments HE gave to Abraham , Adam , Moses and many others is a LIAR and the truth is NOT in them . Anyone that calls Paul a brother has the same father that he has , the father of all lies and liars . Paul the chief sinner who no longer sins but sin the rages within him 1 John 3 : 4 – 6 Whoever commits sin also commits lawlessness , and sin is lawlessness ( Matthew 7 : 22 … Go away from me you workers of LAWLESSNESS for I NEVER knew you and Paul is the FIRST teacher to teach LAWLESSNESS ( Romans 6 : 14 and Acts 15 : 23 – 29 ) And you know that HE was manifested to take away our sins , and in HIM is no sin . Whoever abides in Him does NOT sin ( commit LAWLESSNESS ) . Whoever sins has neither seen HIM nor known HIM . So BE YE ( not try to be or you might be but BE YE ) PERFECT even as your heavenly FATHER is perfect .

For Paul to want so bad to throw away the Old Testament ( I got a free Bible when I came out of a Yes concert so I asked for another for my daughter and the next day I opened it and that Bible started with Matthew and did NOT have one word of the Old Testament in it and it said Holy Bible . I yelled who has done such a thing … PAUL PPAAUULL !!!!!!! ) he digs up an obscure statute only mentioned twice in the Old Testament about criminals hung by their necks from a tree being ACCURSED and applies this to our perfect without spot or blemish Messiah being nailed to a tree ( Galatians 3 : 13 The curse of the law and the LAWGIVER HIMSELF is accursed for HE hangeth from a tree ) Excuse me but HE was not hung from a tree by the neck but nailed to the cross ( if you want to call the cross a tree it still is not being hung by the neck ) . How could something accursed ( ACCURSED is an evil evil man or thing ) be a perfect propriation for our sins ? Yes HE ( The law and commandments , the words made flesh ) was nailed to the cross and died . Why oh why won’t Paul tell you that it was the laws and commandments ( those Words Made Flesh ) that were RESURRECTED !!!!!!! Because the law was found to be perfect , GOOD for life , families , and society , and was without spot or blemish . Keeping the laws might not get you to heaven but it would go along ways toward proving to our only JUDGE that we love HIM ( The greatest commandment 1 John 5 : 3 ) enough to listen to HIM and try to do what HE asked and wants from us .

Matthew 5 : 17 – 20 … read HIS words !!!!!!! not till the heaven and earth pass away …. I DID NOT COME TO DO AWAY WITH THE LAW …… HE fulfilled the promise of our PASSOVER LAMB being born , giving HIS testimony , suffering , dieing , and being resurrected but HE still has to return and be our KING in the thousand year reign and then judge us . The word or law was in the beginning and is GOD , John 1 : 1 – 14 and and even after the heaven and earth pass away will the law be there and in effect for HE is Alpha and Omega , the beginning and the end and knows the end of things before HE creates them for HE is at all points in time at once . You Hindus that converted to Christianity can find truth when our Messiah declared that John The Baptist IS ELIJAH !!!!!!!

and Elijah must return yet again and prepare the way for the return of our Messiah again . Elijah must follow the command of our REDEEMER and call all workmen to the harvest and pull the tares up , bundle them , and cast them ino the fire ( Matthew 13:24-30 ) . If you pull the wheat ( laws and commandments , the Word Made Flesh , out and burn it you have killed your Messiah yet again . If you pull the tares , those lies of Luke and Paul , what do you have left ? A untarnished , perfect , lovingtenderkindness , Father !!!!!!! He told you many times when HE walked amongst us , what will you follow , the doctrine of men and apostate churches or the words of your CREATOR and only true living FATHER we wpould ever hope for . HE went to HIS own and they would have nothing to do with HIM … but to all those that did accept HIM , HE gave them the power to become sons and daughters of our FATHER !!!!! Royalty in the house of GOD forever !!!!!!!! What an amazing gift . Yet , there are certain things required of you . That you love HIM with all you have ! How do you show you love your own mom and dad ? By doing the things they asked of you , not shouting that you don’t know what you’re talking about . That your words are crap for the pigs and dogs of the world to trample into the ground and first chance they get to turn and gore you with their tusks . Would you tell your dad his words are only good for death ? That they must be ignored and made fun of ? That you speak lies when you say this is forever then turn around and say forget about it , I was mistaken . I didn’t know what I was talking about . Forget EVERYTHING I told you it doesn’t matter !!!!!!! He couldn’t come down off of that cross as the people mocked HIM . Not because HE couldn’t have done it , but , because if HE did HE would have voided almost every promise HE gave us for thousands of years and then and only then could you have trashed HIS words . But , HE let them spit in HIS face . Pull handfuls of HIS beard out . Punch HIM in the face and yell who just hit you prophesy me that ! He let them whip HIM which caused HIM to bleed out . HE let them display HIM like a prize deer someone shot . HE let them laugh at HIM , Mock HIM , and BLASPHEME HIM so that HE could qualify HIS promises of the PASSOVER FEAST that was celebrated for thousands of years . HE CONFIRMED THAT HIS WORDS ARE TRUE GOOD AND ETERNAL . Who do you know who has kept every promise , every word spoken ? WHO NEVER LIES ? Anyone tries to speak to me evil about HIS words is my enemy . I will love and pray for you still ion the hope that you will turn from your rebellious ways against the LAWS AND COMMANDMENTS THAT WERE MADE FLESH AND THEN LAID HIS LIFE DOWN SUFFERING TERRIBLY SO THAT BY HIS DEATH YOU COULD HAVE ETERNAL LIFE IN PARADISE ,

Funny you should speak of trusting those 70 scholars that King James had under the threat of death to everyone of them if they didn’t come up with ONE translation of the Bible that they all could agree upon over my rantings . They came up with the King James Bible. Now I know for a fact that they purposely put some lies in the Bible that ypou will not find in any other translation . Hey Alan are you one of those that spouts out that EVERY WORD OF THE BIBLE IS TRUE OR EVERY WORD IS FALSE ???!!! ???!!! That is very dangerous doctrine if you do . You see those 70 scholars didn’t want to be put to death , they weren’t willing to lay their lives down for their friends so that you would have the unblemished truth . In the Old Testament the Irish scribes told the rest of those 70 that they were going to put some lies in the Old Testament or they were all going to be put to death . How would I know this other than through the Holy Spirit ? Cause no other translation put those lies in the Bible . What lies ? UNICORN and UNICORNS everywhere in the Old Testament where raging bulls or wild oxen was they purposely put unicorn and unicorns , One of the first things they did when they revised the King James version was to put back raging bull and wild oxen . Get a couple hundred folks together and say hey you who believe in unicorns go to the right side of this meeting hall and all you who don’t go to the left side . I guarantee you that this would cause division . Were they responsible for the long ending to the Gospel of Mark where they speak in tongues , tempt God by handling deadly serpents , and drinking poison to show everyone they have that SPIRIT OF SPEAKING IN TONGUES . I have relatives that died in church cause their pet viper turned on them and bit them !!!!!!!! Gee , they should of picked up those translations that had the SHORT ENDING or the FREER LOGION ending that didn’t have anything in it about drinking poison , kissing poisonous vipers , and speaking in the tongue of the devil . Now we get to baptizing , do we baptize in the name of the Father , The Son , and the Holy Spirit ( Which are ONE ) as the true disciple says we aught to do or do we do as that liar Paul says and baptize only in the name of Jesus ( Jesus in English means Hail Zeus ! in Hungarian Yeah Zeus ! In German Say Zeus ! In Spanish Hey Zeus ! I wonder if the saying about Greeks who translated the New Testament were bearing strange gifts again? Gawd or God is the ancient God Jupiter and Lord is Baal ,. Gee stumbling stones everywhere in our Bibles , just what should we believe ? Well thankfully enough of the wheat was left alone so that we could arrive at our Messiah’s feet and then HE could breath on US HIS Holy Spirit and then no man need ever teach you again for you will get directly from our Messiah that is living inside of you 24/7 through HIS Comforter or Holy Spirit .

Tell me were those 70 responsible or was it some other group of scholars that made sure that Luke was held in high enough esteem for Emperor Constantine to include his Gospel account in the New Testament even though he wasn’t a disciple and was not an eyewitness ? I guess Constantine didn’t have a lot of time to thoroughly check this out since he was so busy having temples made for pagan gods all the while professing to be a ” Christian ” . There are many many contradictions between Luke and the true disciples but I will only show you the TWO MAJOR MAJOR CONTRADICTIONS . Why even you Alan Jones will be able to see this , I think . The TWO THIEVES CRUCIFIED with Joshua ( I really even hate to type Jes_s , might as well call Jes_s ZEUS and get it over with if the Greeks had their way . Yehoshua until English got the ” J ” sound and it became Joshua the Hebrew name for Jes_s ) is the first . John mentions them but Matthew and Mark both almost word for word says they both mocked Joshua , they both set their teeth against our Messiah ( said come off that cross so we can through away your laws ) and laughed at HIM along with the crowds that were laughing . Now Matthew and Mark were there and not laughing and saw and heard what went on . Luke though one of the good old boys and wanting to give life to Catholic Absolution( If you are a mafia boss and pushed drugs and prostitution and killed many if you are laying in your own blood about to die , if a Catholic priest ( FATHER ) comes along and he says forgive me Father for I have sinned in his last dieing breath , the priest does the sign of the cross , grants him absolution and without remorse or repentence that mafia boss thinks through Catholism that he is going to heaven just like the idiot on the cross with our Messiah , NOT ) says something entirely different . Lukes account from a man that was not a disciple or an eyewitness is bullshit . The other major contradiction is about SPEAKING IN TONGUES . Acts 2 : 3 supposedly on the feast of Pentecost a mighty rushing wind and FORKED TONGUES as of flame ascend on each of them and they begin babbling like idiots ( Speaking in tongues ) . This is a lie just like that FORKED TONGUED SERPENT lied to Eve in the garden . How can you tell the true disciples of Joshua from the aPaulSouls or aPaulSauls ? The disciples received the Holy Spirit when Joshua their Messiah and Risen LAMB breathed it on them as Adam had Joshua breath into his nostrils in Genesis 2 : 7 . Where is our Messiah in Acts 2 :3 ? HE is not there and either is HIS Holy Spirit . FORKED or divided or cloven should give you a clue as to whose spirit that really is .
Now because of Greeks , the 70 , and Luke , Paul , and that fake Peter we have more different gods or Messiahs than the Hindus . We have over 10,000 different Messiahs being preached in over 19,000 different ” BRANDS ” of Christianity out there in our country alone . What has divided us so when our Messiah came and prayed that we all would be ONE !!!!!! The spirit of division is of the devil and he has been masquerading as our Messiah for almost 2000 years . Speaking in the tongues of the devil ? Its not a question anymore it is the truth and if your church is growing while speaking in tongues well give the devil his due .
Why do almost all Baptist speak every word in the Bible is true or every word is false ? Yet , most every Baptist Church will NOT ALLOW SPEAKING IN TONGUES . I guess the Baptist just turn a blind eye to Paul’s words about speaking in tongues , but are sure keen on getting time and half for working on Saturday . They can bear false witness against their neighbor , covet the neighbors wife , ass , and house while eating their pork chops . Division , confusion , and outright lies the real tools of the devil and Luke and Paul were some of his very best tools .

Bishop John S. Spong (Episcopal Bishop of Newark)

“Paul’s words are not the Words of God. They are the words of Paul- a vast difference.”
(Rescuing the Bible from Fundamentalism, p. 104, Harper San Francisco, 1991)

Thomas Jefferson

“Paul was the first corrupter of the doctrines of Jesus.” (All references not listed here, can be
found in Christianity Betrayed)
Thomas Jefferson had a New Testament he tore apart and glued back together . He tore out Luke and Paul’s words and probably 1 and 2 Peter . He didn’t have a lot of the New Testament left but hat he had was GOOD and led him to our Messiah’s feet .

I started preaching against Luke and Paul in 1977 . In 1995 I did a google search for anyone preaching against Paul and came up with ONE . This is the harvest time and our Messiah has given HIS workmen the command to start bundling up the tares and casting them in the fire . Do a google search and ask if Paul is a liar or antiChrist and you will get hundreds of thousands of hits from people all over the world declaring Paul a LIAR according to 1 John 2 : 4 . Why have a lot of the great evangelist been 33 rd degree Freemasons . The world loves its own and when you reach the 33rd degree you know that it is satan that they worship and work for .

The Holy Spirit has a gift that almost anyone would agree and that is the Spirit of TRUTH . There is no lie associated with our Messiah and this gift of discerning the spirits is probably the most important so that no man or Church could deceive you . Hey our Messiah is over here or in the dessert . Many will be deceived but NOT those who our Messiah has breathed on . You out there that have accepted those FORKED TONGUES as of flame as the spirit of your god . Well , you will speak out of both sides of your mouths . Praising our Messiah on one side and blaspheming HIM on the other side . You look like lambs but you speak like dragons . You can put on sheep’s clothing but inside you are ravenous wolves causing the little ones to stumble and fall and stealing their crowns for your own gain . It would be better if you tied a millstone around your neck and tossed it into the deep ocean .

I still challenge all you great mighty and powerful preachers , prophets , teachers , and evangelist to a MT Carmel . Get together with those that say they are mighty prophets and you pray real loud to your father to fulfill your prophesies . Pray real loud cause maybe your god is taking a nap . YES , SHOUT !!!!!!! For maybe he is away on vacation . Come on all you mighty preachers who babble in tongues pray and jump on one foot to get his attention cause maybe he’s busy in the garden wHISSpering to EVE .

Pope to pray with Peres

May 20, 2014

Israel , please watch who you go to bed with .

News that matters

Pope Francis to arrive in Israel on Sunday for a visit of “peace, faith and tolerance” .

Shimon Peres and the Pope will pray together in Jerusalem. Two men who do not represent God of Israel. Shimon Peres and the Pope will pray together in Jerusalem. Two men who neither represent God of Israel, nor the Messiah.

The Pontiff wants to pay tribute to President Shimon Peres as his term in office draws to a close.

The main event of the pope’s visit to Israel will be a reception at the President’s Residence, where he will be greeted by Jewish, Christian and Muslim children. Following the reception, the pope will meet with Peres and then join 500 children in the garden of the President’s Residence for a special prayer and song service dedicated to unity.

After the prayer service, the pope will meet with Netanyahu at the Notre Dame of Jerusalem Center, visit a small monastery in the Galilee and participate in an event at the Church of All…

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