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Our Father , God , Allah are they the same ?

September 13, 2015

The Jewish God excludes Jesus as they denied He is the Son Of God . Allah excludes Jesus also as the Koran says He is NOT the Son Of God for God neither begets or is begotten . The Christian God includes Jesus and the Holy Spirit of the Trinity . So does it matter which name I pray to ?

How does this relate to the food I eat and who blesses it ? Is there one of the Ten Commandments that says I should not eat food offered to foreign Gods ?

From what I understand Kosher food is NOT blessed by a Rabbi , but relates to how it is prepared or butchered .

Halal meat on the other hand is blessed three times by a Muslim , Allah is great , Allah is great , Allah is great . If I eat Halal meat would I be breaking a commandment since it is blessed ( Offered ? ) to a foreign God that denies that Jesus is the Son Of God ?

How can this nation , the USA , get involved in the religious practices of the Muslims when it is clearly stated that there will always be a separation of Church and State by allowing PUBLIC school systems of Dearborn , Michigan  San Diego , California , and New York City , New York serve Halal meats ?

The issue of allowing Halal meats to be served in our PUBLIC  SCHOOLS  raises questions that I don’t have easy answers to . In fact by allowing this to continue causes much concern , prayer , and questions .

Is in fact Father , God , and Allah the same God or not ? Is this only a problem to Christians ? Should the Jewish population be concerned ? What of the Atheist ? Do they want their children eating meats blessed to Allah ?

The more I think about this issue the more questions I have . Does anyone out there have the answers that can put this all to rest ?

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