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I will not walk by this way again …

December 18, 2016

The reign of the King Of The Amalakites is over . The New Messiah , the champion of the blacks is leaving behind his legacy of cop haters , white haters , God haters , looters , rioters , protesters , thieves , and murderers . No matter how our Father tried to get him to listen or even to fear HIM he wouldn’t . So bold as to only light the Whitehouse in celebration with the LGBTQ community . What do yall have to replace him with ? A money grubbing , pussy snatching clown . Yes , the Court Jester has become King . Oh my , folks said we need to pray for Trump as if our Father is blind and doesn’t know what is going on down here . Now hear the word of our Father concerning this nation of people ………………………………………… That’s right , silence . HE has tried everything to get yall to listen . Set me to prophesy to yall for darn nearly 32 years . All the times HE stretched out His mighty arm and fulfilled all the warnings and prophesies I proclaimed in His Holy Spirit ahead of time . Go to YouTube and see how the Veterans Administration pretty much proclaimed me a prophet in my slide shows in 1988 .
Amos 7 : 8 … I will not pass by them anymore . He has measured out your destruction .

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