Does anyone really know what time it is ? It is the HARVEST TIME our REDEEMER warned us of in Matthew 13 : 24 – 30 . Through the years since the internet came into our lives , I have GOOGLED , Is Paul a liar or anti-Christ . About 7 years ago I got over 7 million results of folks that posted Paul is a false apostle . In the years before only a few results showed up .
Our Messiah has commanded His workmen to start bundling the tares … HE had said in Matthew to let the tares grow side by side until the harvest time .
And because LAWLESSNESS will abound , the love of many will grow cold . For it was Luke and Paul that preached a different Gospel , a LAWLESS GOSPEL , and now that the HARVEST TIME is upon us , HE has told His disciples to start bundling those tares of Luke , Paul , and the imposter that wrote 1 and 2 Peter to be cast into the fire ,
When will the Great Tribulation start ? I don’t know . Has it started already ? Look around you …
HE told us when we see sons turning on dads . Daughters their mothers and war and rumors of war … To flee into the mountains , to not grab your coat but to RUN !
Just as in the days of Noah , they will be going about their business , drinking , marrying , and having a good ole time …
The hours are getting short and most of you have a long ways to run until you can be assured that HE has found you worthy to return to heaven from where we have all fallen …
So , I suggest strongly that you start running to a holy place in your lives .
What are you waiting for ? All the things HE said will take place are upon us … look around you …

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