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Birthing Pangs

December 17, 2017

Could any passage in the Bible be more important than the 24th chapter of Matthew ? This is Jesus answer to His disciples concerning the times we are now living in . We are witnessing wars and rumors of war . Natural disasters and warning of pestilence . Those of your own family becoming your worst enemies .

Here in America the schools are encouraging our children to turn their parents in for drug use and a host of other things . Call lines to turn your neighbors in . This has become much more than Jesus saying , ” I did not come to bring peace but a sword … ”

North Korea threatening nuclear destruction  . Hurricanes bringing unprecedented destruction . Thousand year flooding events . Volcanoes and earthquakes shaking the lands . Droughts and fires raging across the lands .

Yet , as HE said , ” This is only the beginning of sorrows ! ” Are you ready for the events to come ? Are you depending on the news and the talking heads for your information ? Are you aware that 1/3 of the Bible is prophecy ? Who or what should you put your trust in ? Gold and silver as the big mega Churches are preaching ? One prophecy says , ” In the end they will throw their gold and silver in the streets ! ” How could this come about ? When the times come that no matter where you search there will not be a loaf of bread to buy anywhere , what good is gold and silver ?

Until Jesus breathes on you His Holy Spirit a good place to start is the Philadelphia Church Of God . Their website has many free booklets you can download . I suggest a few to start with . The United States and Great Britain in prophecy . The Holy Roman Empire . The King of the South and many more …

Daniel and Revelation are showing us that the nations are dancing to their appointed places on the world stage as prophesied thousands of years ago . Do you know who Isreal is ? Who the Queen of Great Britain is descended from ? Who will push against the King of the North to start WW3 ?

The nations are not going to relent or repent but that does not mean that you can’t . Today would be a good day to get started for as Jesus said , ” This is just the beginning of sorrows …

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