Hurricane Sandy …


James Oldham
October 26, 2012 ·
Love love love , all we need is love ….. what a bunch of crap !!!! What has a loving Jes_s bought you ? Jes_s is all love . Christianity is shrinking and Islam is growing . It is obvious that a loving Messiah is not ALL that is needed . If ALL things flee from the face of our FATHER and no one has seen HIM but the Son , then who was it that spoke to Abraham and Lot about Sodom and Gomorrah ? Who spoke to Moses and told him what to tell Pharaoh about those TEN PLAGUES ? Proverbs 1 : 7 says that FEAR of our Messiah is the BEGINNING of understanding . How can you fear a Jes_s that is nothing but love ? Show them ALL oh heavenly FATHER , yes , Joshua ( Who used to be called Yehoshua till the English language got the ” J ” sound in the 16th century and HE was the first to have this name and HE is named after no one for HE is the FIRST and the last ) stretch out YOUR mighty arm and smash the Eastern Seaboard to potsherds . Lay their cities waste as YOU warned them about in Leviticus 26 : 28 – 31 . Storm of the century ?!?!?!?! Show them what a FURIOUS REDEEMER is all about .

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