Hurricanes in Gulf of Mexico


James Oldham/Yehoshua
June 3 ·
The Alcapolco Melbourne Express Authority is open for business ! Batten down the hatches mateys ! Gonna be a rough one in the Gulf this year !

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James Oldham
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James Oldham

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James Oldham/Yehoshua
James Oldham/Yehoshua Drought busting rains here in Palm Bay just South of Melbourne since this post . Imagine my heart as I sit on my porch and witness our REDEEMER fulfilling yet another prophecy posted on Facebook .
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James Oldham/Yehoshua
James Oldham/Yehoshua before this post central Florida was in the middle of the worst drought in America . Look at any drought monitor map today . There is no drought on it for the whole State of Florida .
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James Oldham/Yehoshua
James Oldham/Yehoshua Well , it’s been raining everyday since I posted this . We were in extreme drought , the worst in the entire country . Now they are posting flood warnings . Thank you , Joshua Isreal , for fulfilling another prophecy . Wash it away . Cause some floodin…See More
Like · Reply · 1 · June 14 at 9:35pm
James Oldham/Yehoshua
James Oldham/Yehoshua All those hurricanes that went from the Gulf into Mexico . Then Harvey , Irma , and now Nate ! Did I miss a few tropical storms ?
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