Prayer for Houston , how did you love ?


Check time and date stamp and the forecasts and what actually happened . Ask Jason Hommel , who I was IMing and took a minute to post this what he seen and felt at the moments and then hours after this post .

James Oldham

James Oldham
August 29 · Palm Bay ·
FATHER , I waited to be asked to pray for Texas , but my heart can not bear the suffering in Houston and surrounding area anymore .
YOU have shown America and the world how FURIOUS YOU are for those who walk contrary to YOU.
I am praying that YOU bind up the heavens over Houston and surrounding areas . Like YOU did for Palm Bay during Tropical Storm Faye do for them .
No matter what the radars and track of Harvey let the rains stop .
Show them Your lovingtenderkindness and show them as miraculous effect as bringing the floods . Show them all that you listen to Your prophet and that You did not send me on a secret mission . Hear our prayers Father .

5 You, Jason Hommel, Marissa Roselin and 2 others
James Oldham
James Oldham As Moses and Aaron grabbed the sensors and ran into the midst of the plague , my wife and I put ourselves in spirit into the midst of the floods . Join us in a mighty shout and prayer to our REDEEMER to end the rains in the Houston area . Shut the Weather Channel folks up and show them it is not mother nature that plots the path of every storm . That it is the mighty arm of our Creator that frees us …
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James Oldham
James Oldham The Weather Channel was forecasting 2 to 3 feet more of rain for Houston when I posted this . They also had Harvey’s track going from the Gulf up through the Eastern suburbs of Houston . Our Messiah made Harvey go east for hours before He sent it North keeping Houston free of rain . I don’t think Houston got 1/4 inch of rain since my post .
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James Oldham
James Oldham All glory to our REDEEMER !!!!!!!
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Jason Hommel
Jason Hommel I was there in instant messenger. As soon as James prayed for the storm to break, it did.



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James Oldham
James Oldham Takes balls to step forward like that Jason !


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